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Please send BII (Benthowave Instrument Inc.) your inquiries, questions and sales documents in plain text or PDF (BII does not receive compressed files and website links), and do not send any confidential information to BII. BII does not manufacture any customized product with customers' intellectual properties.
Please note that BII might shut down during severe weathers such as storms in summer and snow squalls in winter.
If you request quotation, please provide shipping address including postal code and telephone number.

Sales and Technical Support
Selecting products, request quotes and technical support:

Please email your information to BII in plain text. Some information such as your country/company name, BII's quote number/invoice number and BII products number are quite helpful and necessary during sales and technical support. Without these information, the postponed and delayed support is expected.

Export and Delivery
BII ships products with BII's courier account or your courier account, and exports products to countries all over the world.
Shipping Date: start from Jan. 5 to Dec. 15.
No shipping from Dec. 16 to Jan. 4 of the next year.

For USA Customers ONLY: if USA buyers request carrier's standard or ground services, USA buyers shall pay U.S. Customs Brokerage Service Fees (or Entry Preparation Charges for Importing into the United States). Please go to carrier's website for more information. For buyer's receiving convenience, expedited services or higher-level services are recommended which provide free Entry Preparation into USA.
Tracking Shipment and Customs Clearance: It is buyer's sole responsibility to track the shipment and get updated shipping information from carrier's website with the tracking number, and to provide necessary documents and information, if any, to the carrier for customs clearance in buyer's country.

Sales Tax and Shipping Cost
No Canadian sales tax to international customers. GST or HST is applicable to Canadian customers ONLY.
For international customers: Buyer (Consignee) may have to pay customs clearance, import duties, tariffs, brokerage fees, taxes imposed by buyer's country and other costs related to shipment. If buyer use Carrier's brokerage services of customs clearance, The Carrier may pay these fees on behalf of buyer and adds the costs to the bills or invoices (note: the carrier might provide free brokerage service, buyer shall check out this information at local carrier branch or website in buyer's country before purchase.). The buyer shall repay or reimburse the carrier and pay the brokerage charges (if any) at time of delivery. The receiver shall contact carrier’s local customer service on how to repay or reimburse the carrier. If buyer has a broker of customs clearance, buyer shall notify the broker to do customs clearance of the shipment and inform the carrier (call carrier's local customer service) about this once BII emails buyer the shipment information.

Payment Contact BII for details.

Terms and Conditions of Sale are enclosed in official quotation.

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Hours of Operation
9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m., Monday to Friday.
Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Statutory Holidays in Canada.