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Benthowave manufactures acoustic transducers and instruments for uses in linear and nonlinear acoustics: Acoustic Communication, Positioning, Navigation, Fishery, Echo Sounding, Oceanography, Seafloor-mapping, Sub-bottom Profiling, Marine Animals Acoustics, NDT and HIFU.

Low Noise Broadband HydrophoneLow Noise Broadband HydrophoneAcoustic Transmitter and ReceiverDirectional HydrophoneHigh Power Piston TransducerOmnidirectional/Hemispherical TransducerEchosounding TransducerMultibeam TransducerFHUWC Mounting

How to Order: Click How to Order for detailed information.
Mounting/Installation: Click Transducer and Hydrophone Mounting for detailed information on mounting/installation.
Hydrophone Wiring: Click Hydrophone Wiring for detailed wiring information of Hydrophones.
Transducer Wiring: Click Transducer Wiring for detailed wiring information of Transducers except BII-7540 and BII-7550 series.
Click BII-7540 for detailed wiring information of BII-7540 series: Parametric Array Transducer.
Click BII-7550 for detailed wiring information of BII-7550 series: Split Beam Transducer.
Hydrophone Orientation
Transducer Orientation
Transducer Orientation
BII's TVR and OCV Testing: Spherical and cylindrical hydrophones/transducers: in XY plane
Hemispherical hydrophones/transducers: on acoustic axis normal to the hemispherical face.
Curved/sector hydrophones/transducers: on acoustic axis normal to the curved face.
Circular planar hydrophones/transducers: on acoustic axis normal to the receiving or transmitting face.
Rectangular planar hydrophones/transducers: on acoustic axis normal to the receiving or transmitting face.
Note: Acoustic axis is perpendicular to the transmitting/receiving face and passes through the geometry center of the face.
Features of Products:
Product Features Product Features
Hydrophone Low Cost, Low Q, Miniature
0.1Hz to 1.6MHz Frequency Range
Low Noise: 10dB µPa/√Hz
up to 2000m Depth
Driving 1000m Cable
Linear, Planar & Conformal Array
Beam Steering and Shading
Sensitivity Matching: ±0.1dB
Omni and Directional
Programmable Sensitivity
Acoustic Transducer Low Q: 2 to 6
High Power: 1200W
Transmitting and Receiving
20Hz to 10MHz Frequency Range
Impedance Matching & Tuning
up to 2000m Depth
Linear, Planar & Conformal Array
Beam Steering and Shading
Omni and Directional
HIFU and NDT Transducers
Bandpass Filter
TVG, AGC, Envelope
Array Beam Steering
Other Modules
+4.5 to +36VDC Power Supply
0.24 to 0.6mA Current Consumption
0 to 80dB Gain, 6.0nV/√Hz Noise
8MHz Bandwidth, Driving 1000m Cable
Hermetic Unit, Coated PCB
Power Amplifier: +8 to +55VDC Power Supply
10µA to 13mA Current Consumption
Up to 1000W Power Delivery
3MHz Bandwidth
Embedded, Mounting Holes
Cable and Connector Underwater Mateable Connector
BNC, Audio Connectors, Wire Leads
MIL-5015 Style
Up to 1000m Cable
Signal Generator Pulse SINE, Chirp/FM
Pulsed Square Wave
Ultrasonic Pulser
Installation:  Bolt-fastening Mounting
End-face Mounting
Flange Mounting
Flush Mounting
Free Hanging
Thru-hole/Hull Mounting
Acoustic System +8 to +55VDC Power Supply
Up to 1000W Power Delivery
10µA to 13mA Current Consumption
3MHz Bandwidth
Custom Matching & Tuning Network
Transmitting and Receiving
NDT Ultrasonic Pulser & Receiver
Portable, Waterproof & Durable Case

Tolerance and Accuracy of Electroacoustic Measurement

Ambient Temperature: 23 ± 5 °C
Transducer Parameters Tolerance Accuracy Note
Resonant Frequency in water: Nominal ±10% 7 ppm±1 mHz (at 5 to 40°C, typical) Loaded with Water
Capacitance in water: Nominal ±10% ±0.08% (±0.045% typical) Test with Low Electrical Field at 1kHz
Impedance in water: Nominal ±10% ±0.08% (±0.045% typical) G-B, Z-θ, or R-X
TVR (dB μPa/V@1m): Nominal ±3dB ±1.0dB (±0.5dB typical) Transmitting Voltage Response
OCV or RVR (dB V/μPa): Nominal ±3dB ±1.0dB (±0.5dB typical) Receiving Sensitivity
-3dB Beam width (°): Nominal ±2° ±0.3° (±0.1° to ±0.2° typical) -3dB Angle of Main Lobe

Terms and Conditions of Sale

 Terms and Conditions of Sale are enclosed in BII official quotation.

Export, Taxes, Shipping & Delivery and Payments

Export Benthowave ships products with Benthowave's courier account or your courier account, and exports products to countries all over the world.
Export Compliance Some products are subject to Canadian export regulations. Benthowave Instrument may require an End User Statement from buyers in order to apply for export license in Canada. Orders requiring export licensing cannot be confirmed prior to receipt of approved export license from appropriate Canadian governing authority. Export Permits normally require 3-4 weeks to obtain.
Tax No Canadian sales tax to international customers. GST or HST is applicable to Canadian customers ONLY.
For international customers: you may have to pay import taxes or duties imposed by your country. The Carrier may pay these fees on behalf of you and adds the costs to your bills or invoices.
Shipping & Delivery F.O.B. Collingwood, Ontario, Canada, or EXW - Ex Works.
Shipping Date: start from January 5 to December 15. No shipping from December 16 to January 4 of the next year.
For USA Customers ONLY: if you request carriers' standard or ground services, you shall pay U.S. Customs Brokerage Service Fees (or Entry Preparation Charges for Importing into the United States). Please go to carriers' website for more information. For your convenience, expedited services or higher-level services are recommended which provide free Entry Preparation into USA.
Tracking Shipment and Customs Clearance: It is buyer’s sole responsibility to track the shipment and get updated shipping information from carrier’s website with the tracking number, and to provide necessary documents and information, if any, to the carrier for customs clearance in buyer’s country.
Payments Contact BII for details.

End-Use Statement

A non-USA buyer shall email End-Use Statements to Benthowave if the products are on the Canadian Export Control List. The Export Control information is enclosed in official quote.

An End-Use Statement must be dated (preferably within 6 months from the time the export permit application is submitted) and written on company letterhead in either English or French and should:

  • Identify the items, including quantities, which are the subject of the export permit application;
  • Identify the end-user and the location where the items will be delivered;
  • Identify any consignees, agents, or other entities involved in the export from Canada;
  • State the purpose and end-use of the products, including a statement of whether the intended end-use of the items is civilian (commercial) or military;
  • State whether or not the goods or technology are intended for re-sale, re-transfer or re-export to another party or parties and, if so, describe the circumstances; or state that the goods or technology will not be resold, re-transferred or re-exported;
  • Declare whether or not the goods and technology will be used for any purpose associated with the development or production of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons, or their delivery systems (such as missiles);
  • State that the goods or technology will not be transhipped to other destinations or otherwise diverted from what has been previously described; and
  • Identify the name and title of the person signing the End-Use Statement, his/her address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address and corporate website.