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Sonar Signal Envelope Detector

Sonar Signal Envelope DetectorBII-2030    Envelope Detection of Sonar Signals

Suggested Application

  • High Frequency Scanning, Side Scan and Imaging Sonar
  • Fishery and Plankton Sonar: Echo-counting, Echo-integration, Target Strength Measurement, Abundance Estimate
  • Active Sonar Signal Processing: pulse/burst SINE and Chirp
  • Data Logging
  • Sonar Signal Strength Detection
  • Echo Strength Detection
  • Echosounder, Fishery Sounder, Navigation Sonar
  • Sea-floor Mapping Sonar
  • Sediment Penetration Sonar, Parametric Sonar


  • Low Input Noise Density
  • Wide Frequency Range: 1 kHz to 2 MHz, Custom
  • Built-in Filter
  • Built-in Amplifier


Envelope Detector BII-2030/XXXX; For example: BII-2030/1, BII-2030/50, BII-2030/120, BII-2030/200, BII-2030/2000, etc...
Frequency of Sonar Signal: Available Frequency: 1 kHz to 2 MHz.
For example: BII-2030/1: 1kHz; BII-2030/50: 50kHz; BII-2030/200: 200kHz; BII-2030/2000: 2MHz, etc...
 Filter for Envelope: Built-in bandpass filter, customized and factory-set at BII according to Operating Frequency.
Input Impedance: 2 MΩ
Input Coupling: AC Coupling
Amplification Gain: 0 to 60dB, Customized
Input Referred Noise: 10.0 (nV/√Hz)
0.8 (fA/√Hz)
Output Level Range: 11 Vpp @ +12VDC supply
Output Impedance: 1 kΩ
Note: Input impedance of the data acquisition module shall be higher than 1 MΩ.
Output Coupling: DC Coupling
Supply Voltage: +8.5 to +30 VDC
Suggested DC Supply: +9VDC Battery, Marine Battery, Automobile Battery, Fixed DC Linear Power Supply, Not Included.
DO NOT use variable power supply whose maximum supply voltage is higher than the above rated voltage.
DO NOT use switching mode DC power supply.
Current (Quiescent): 10 mA @ +12 VDC
Mounting: 1. None (default)
2. Two M6x1 Bolts
Package: 1. Water-proofed
2. Coated PCB
Size (ΦD x H):  Hermetic Unit ΦDxL: 26.8x70mm
Coated PCB LxWXH: 38x8.9x5.0
Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
Storage Temperature: -50°C to 105°C

Technical note

According to Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem:
If the highest frequency in the original signal is f, the lower bound on the sampling frequency for perfect signal reconstruction is 2f, called Nyquist sampling rate.

To get better resolution in particular applications such as underwater acoustic image, Sonar signal frequency is quite high. This imposes cost on electronic processing circuit such as A/D converter and data storage. With BII-2030, which converts high frequency signal to DC signal, your electronic system only processes the DC signal, which decease the cost incredibly.

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