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Array Amplitude Shading: -40dB Sidelobes

Transmitting Array Amplitude Shading      Transmitting Array Amplitude Shading

BII-2080 Series  Array Amplitude Shading: -40dB Sidelobes

BII-2080 series is amplitude shading/weighting unit for use in side-lobe suppression of transmitting or receiving array. These low cost embedded modules support linear and planar arrays to increase the bearing accuracy and reduce ambiguity of the direction-finding sonar system.

A planar array of Cross shape, T shape, star shape... and a volumetric 3D array can be configured using the line array as a building block. The BII-2080 as a building block support these array patterns for sidelobes suppression.

With BII-2080s, costly multi-channel simultaneous sampling ADCs are not needed to suppress receiving sidelobes, and multi-channel DACs are not needed to suppress transmitting sidelobes. Sidelobe suppression at transducer material level also has much high cost and technical difficulties. BII-2080 series provides simple, low cost, real-time and accurate -30/-40 dB sidelobe suppression at analog electronic hardware level.

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Array Amplitude Shading      Array Amplitude Shading

Array Amplitude ShadingArray Amplitude ShadingArray Amplitude Shading

Technical Note

Amplitude shading of a transmitting or receiving array is a method through which the transmitting or receiving voltage (or current) responses of array elements are tuned to provide the most desirable directional pattern for a particular application. The array can be shaded to have a desirable beam width and response at central lobe, and suppressed responses at sidelobes, or vise versa.

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