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Transmitting and Receiving Switching

BII-2100 Transmitting & Receiving Switching: 0 to 60dB Gain

Usable bandwidth: 1kHz to 1MHz
High Input dynamic range: 86 dB
Programmable gains
Simple interfaces to power amplifier/transducer/DAQ
Automatic switching of transmitting and receiving
Built-in high voltage protection
Built-in bandpass filters
Easy calculation of echo sounding distance
Suggested Application  
Ultrasonic Flaw/Flow Detection
Sea-floor Mapping System, Sub-bottom Profiling System
Sidescan Sonar, Multibeam Sonar, Echosounder
Underwater Communication, Transponder
Artificial Acoustic Target Echo sounding
Fishery and Plankton Sonar: Echo-counting, Echo-integration
Target Strength Measurement, Abundance Estimate
Compensation of Sound Propagation Losses
Seafloor Scattering, Roughness, Penetration, reflection and other properties
Object Detection, Distance Measurement, Sound Velocity Profiler ...

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TR Switch BII-2101
Available Bandwidth: 1kHz to 1MHz, Customized for specific transducer bandwidth. Specify when ordering.
Echo Sounding Distance: ≥ 0.1 to 5m, Frequency Dependent.
Power Supply  
Supply Voltage: 1. Default: +10.5 to +32VDC; 2. Extended Supply Voltage: +26 to +60VDC, Append HV to part number.
Current (Quiescent): 10.5mA
Cable Length: 0.15m
Cable Shielded Cable. Red Wire: +VDC; Black Wire: Common
Connector: Wire Leads
Suggested DC Supply: +9VDC Battery, Marine Battery, Automobile Battery, Fixed DC Linear Power Supply, Not Included.
DO NOT use variable power supply whose maximum supply voltage is higher than the above rated voltage.
DO NOT use switching mode DC power supply.
Signal Type: Pulsed SINE, Chirp, PSK, FSK, etc.; Pulsed Square Waveform
Maximum Voltage: 600 Vrms, Customized, specify when ordering.
Maximum Current: 10 Arms
Cable Length: 0.15m
Cable Type: Wires
Connector: Wire Leads
Gain (dB): 0, 20, 40, 60 @ 1 to 400kHz; 20, 40, 60 @ 400kHz to 1MHz.
Input Dynamic Range: 90dB at 10kHz Bandwidth.
Band Pass Filter: 2nd order, 40dB/Decade Roll-off
Receiving Gain Selection:  
Selection Manually: Connecting the Red or white wire to the shield wire: A1 = 0 or Logic Low
Disconnecting the Red or white wire from the shield wire: A1 = 1 or Logic High
Connecting the black wire to the shield wire: A0 = 0 or Logic Low
Disconnecting the black wire from the shield wire: A0 = 1 or Logic High
Shield wire is Digital COMMON.
Switch, relay, optocoupler etc. can also be used for "connecting" and "disconnecting", and voltage protection rating of these "switch" devices must be greater than power supply voltage level.
Selection Digitally: a 2-bit digital output word to the gain selection inputs.
Shield wire shall be connected to Digital COMMON.
TTL/CMOS Compatible: Logic Low: 0 to 0.8V; Logic High: 2.4 to Vcc (Vcc: Power Supply Voltage).
Note: voltage protection rating of Digital Outputs must be greater than power supply voltage level.
Truth Table:
(1 to 400kHz)
 A1     A0     Gain(dB)
0       0       0
0       1       20
1       0       40
1       1       60
Truth Table:
(400kHz to 1MHz)
A1     A0     Gain(dB)                 
0       0       20
0       1       40
1       0       60
1       1       N/A
Cable: 0.15m Shielded Cable
A1: Red or White Wire; A0: Black Wire; Shield wire: Digital COMMON.
Connector: Wire Leads
Echo Output:  
Echo Signal: Waveform, AC Coupled
Type: Single Ended
Cable Drive Capability: 200m
Output Impedance: 10Ω
Cable Length: 0.15m
Cable: Coax, 50Ω
Connector: 1. BNC Male (BNC); 2. Wire Leads (WL)
Size (mm): ΦDxH=60x15
Weight: 110 Grams
Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
Storage Temperature: -50°C to 105°C
Technical Documents: Click BII-2100 Series wiring and Gain Control for details.
How to order:            
BII-2101 xx -xxx -xxx -xxx -xxx -xx
TR Switch Supply Voltage Option:
Blank: Default
HV: Extended Supply Voltage.
Maximum Driving Voltage
of the Transducer
in Vrms
in kHz
in kHz
Echo Output Impedance
Blank (default)
Custom in Ω
Echo Connector
Example of Part Number: Description
BII-2101-600-20-50-BNC: BII-2101, 600Vrms to Transducer, 20kHz HP filter, 50kHz LP filter, BNC Connector for Echo Signal.
BII-2101-500-20-50-WL: BII-2101, 500Vrms to Transducer, 20kHz HP filter, 50kHz LP filter, Wire Leads for Echo Signal.
BII-2101HV-500-20-50-WL: BII-2101, Supply Voltage: +26 to +60VDC, 500Vrms to Transducer, 20kHz HP filter, 50kHz LP filter, Wire Leads for Echo Signal.

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