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BENTHOWAVE INSTRUMENT INC. Acoustic Transducer & System 

Signal Generation and Modulation for Underwater Acoustic Systems

BII-4000 series signal generators and modulators are embedded and standalone components/modules, which generate Sonar signals for underwater acoustic systems (SONAR, ultrasound devices...), and feature low power, high accuracy and long-term stability.

For portable signal generators based on laptops, please goes to BII-8000 (Underwater Sound Recording, Analysis, Synthesis and Playback):
Pulsed/Burst Sine; Chirp/FM; FSK; Playback of Recorded Sounds; Custom PSK, Arbitrary Waveform...

Suggested Application  
Active SONAR System
Seafloor Mapping, Echo Sounding
Underwater Communication
Artificial Acoustic Target, Phantom Echo Generation
SINE Reference Signal for Demodulator/Quadrature Sampling
Sub-Bottom Investigation/Assessment/Profiler
Sediment Profiling, Sediment Penetrating
Detection Buried Objects Search, Pipeline/Cable Survey
Navigation/Fishery Acoustics/Physical Oceanography
Marine Animal Acoustics, Acoustic Behavior Research
Ultrasonic Instrumentation, HIFU System
High Output Current: 24 to 250mA
Frequency Range: 0.5kHz to 3MHz
Pulse Width/Period Selectable
Pulse Width: 10μs to 100ms
Pulse Period: 1.024ms to 8hrs
High Accuracy and Stability
Pulsed/Burst SINE and FSK: Higher Order Harmonics ≤ -40dB
Factory-set Parameters
Bolts for Easy Mounting, PCB and Potted Unit
Customized Signals
Related Products  
BII-8000 Recording, Analysis, Synthesis and Playback BII-8010 Ultrasonic Pulser-Receiver
Note: pps is pulse per second.  Pulse Period = 1/Pulse Repetition
Model Signal Type  Frequency Pulse Width Pulse Repetition  
BII-4010 Pulsed Sine 0.5kHz to 4MHz 10μs to 100ms ≥ 0.000035pps Pulse Sine
BII-4020 Pulse Signal 0.5kHz to 4MHz 10μs to 100ms ≥ 0.000035pps Pulse Square
BII-4030 BFSK Modulation 0.5kHz to 1MHz N/A N/A
BII-4040 Chirp/FM Pulse 0.5kHz to 1MHz 10μs to 100ms ≥ 0.000035pps Chirp Signal
BII-8010 Shock Excitation Negative Spike N/A ≥ 0.000035pps Ultrasonic Pulser-Receiver

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