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Power Amplifier for Sonar Transducers/Projectors

Linear Sonar Power AmplifierBII-5000 Series RMS Power 65W, Power Bandwidth 150kHz

Suggested Application

  • Short Range Echo Sounder
  • Underwater Acoustic Transmitter
  • Transmitting Array Shading
  • Acoustic Beacon/Transponder/Pinger, Dipping Sonar, Sonobuoy
  • Acoustic Modem/Communication, Acoustic Positioning
  • Audiogram Studies/Audiometry
  • Bioacoustics and Biology, Marine Animal Behavior Research
  • Fishery Sounder, Netsonde
  • Driving Acoustic Omni, Dipole and Quadrupole Transducer
Source Level Capability: 186.6 + DI (dB re µPa)
Bandwidth: 20 Hz to 150 kHz; Fixed 26 dB Gain
Linear or Switching Operating
Small Size Fitting in ΦD1½" (38.1mm) Cylinder Housing
Single DC Power Supply, Stand-by Low Power Mode
Manual and Computer Digital Output Control

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Application: Pulse/Burst SINE, Chirp/FM, FSK and PSK, etc.
Spread Spectrum FSK and PSK Signals
Pulse, Square Waveform, Marine Animal Sound
Pulsed Sonar Signal ONLY
Duty Cycle ≤ 10%
Pulsed Sonar Signal ONLY
Duty Cycle ≤ 10%
Stand-by Control: Onboard ON/OFF Switch: Manually or Digitally Manual Control Digital Output
Size:  Round PCB
ΦDxH: 101.6x50.8mm
Rectangular PCB
LxWxH: 47x38x34mm
Rectangular PCB
LxWxH: 47x38x34mm
Mounting:  4xΦD4.87mm through-holes 2xΦD3.81mm through-holes 2xΦD3.81mm through-holes
Weight in Air:  193 grams  40 grams  40 grams 
Cable/Wire:  6" (152mm) wires 60mm wires 60mm wires
Connector: Wire Leads Wire Leads Wire Leads
Miscellaneous: BII-5000 Series Power Amplifier
Gain: 26 dB or x20
Max. Input Signal Level: Linear Mode: [(2*Supply Voltage Vs)-2.6Vpp]/20.
Switching Mode: TTL/CMOS Level or 5Vpp.
Input Impedance: 60 kΩ || 6 pF
Quiescent Current: Active: 100 mA; Stand-by (Shut-down): 10 μA.
Stand-by Control Voltage: TTL/CMOS Compatible
RMS Power Capability:
(Linear Mode)
54W@+16VDC Supply
42W@+14VDC Supply
32W@+12VDC Supply
RMS Power Capability:
(Switching Mode)
65W@+16VDC Supply
55W@+14VDC Supply
45W@+12VDC Supply
Power Bandwidth (-3 dB): 20 Hz to 150 kHz
Minimum Load: 2 Ω
Supply Voltage Vs: +8 to +18 VDC
Suggested DC Supply: Marine Battery, Automobile Battery, Fixed DC Linear Power Supply, Not Included.
DO NOT use variable power supply whose maximum supply voltage is higher than the above rated voltage.
DO NOT use switching mode DC power supply.
Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
Storage Temperature: -50°C to 105°C
Technical Documents: BII-5000 Series Power Amplifier Datasheet (PDF)

PCB Size and Mounting Information

Power Amplifier for Sonar TransducerPower Amplifier for Sonar Transducer

BII-5000 Series: Typical SPL (Sound Pressure Level) vs Frequency

Frequency (kHz) SPL (dB µPa*m) DUT (Device Under Test)
3.5 to 100 185.1 to 186.6 Omnidirectional Transducer
3.5 186.1 to 187.6 6" Planar Transducer
12 196.8 to 198.3 6" Planar Transducer
24 202.8 to 204.3 6" Planar Transducer
38 205.2 to 206.7 5" Planar Transducer
50 207.6 to 209.1 5" Planar Transducer
70 208.6 to 210.1 4" Planar Transducer
100 211.7 to 213.2 4" Planar Transducer

BII-5000 Series Frequency Response 
Linear Power Amplifier for Sonar Transducer / Projector 

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