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Linear Power Amplifier: Sonar Transducer

Power Amplifier for Sonar TransducerBII-5010 Series Wide Power Bandwidth of 3MHz

Suggested Application

  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Amplifying Pulse Signal to Drive Ultrasonic Transducer
  • Image Sonar/Transducers
  • Underwater Sound Velocimeter / Sound Velocity Probe
  • Short Distance Gage
  • Low Power Laboratory Underwater Acoustic System
  • Transducer Calibration System
Source Level Capability: 177.7 +DI (dB re µPa)
Bandwidth: 3MHz, 26dB Gain
Single DC Power Supply
Low Power Consumption
Driving Reactive Load
Small Size Fitting in ΦD1½" (38.1mm) Cylinder Housing

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Linear Power Amplifier BII-5011
Application: Pulse/Burst SINE, Chirp/FM, Arbitrary Waveform
Spread Spectrum, FSK and PSK Signals
Marine Animal Sound, Whale and Dolphin's Clicks, Whistles and Pulse Trains
Size:  Round PCB, ΦDxH: 101.6x50.8 mm
Mounting:  4 x ΦD4.87mm through-holes
Weight in Air:  68 grams 
Cable:  6" or 0.15m wires
Connector:  Wire Leads
Gain: 26 dB
Power Bandwidth (-3 dB): 100 Hz to 3 MHz
Maximum Input Level: ±2 Vpp
Input Impedance: 10 kΩ
Supply Voltage: +12 to +24 VDC
Suggested DC Supply: Marine Battery, Automobile Battery, Fixed DC Linear Power Supply, Not Included.
DO NOT use variable power supply whose maximum supply voltage is higher than the above rated voltage.
DO NOT use switching mode DC power supply.
Quiescent Current: 19 mA
RMS Power Capability: 3.5 W @ +12VDC Power Supply
7.0 W @ +24 VDC Power Supply
Minimum Load: 8 Ω @ +12VDC Power Supply
32 Ω @ +24 VDC Power Supply
Operating Temperature: -10°C to 85°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
Technical Documents: Download BII-5011 specs (PDF)

PCB Size and Mounting Information

Power Amplifier for Sonar Transducer 

BII-5010 Series : Typical SPL (Sound Pressure Level) vs Frequency

Frequency (kHz) SPL (dB µPa*m) DUT (Device under Test)
200 206.3 to 217.8 3" Planar Transducer
300 209.8 to 211.3 3" Planar Transducer
420 209.2 to 210.7 2" Planar Transducer
600 209.8 to 211.3 1.5" Planar Transducer
1000 210.7 to 212.2 1" Planar Transducer
2000 216.7 to 218.2 1" Planar Transducer
3000 220.2 to 221.8 1" Planar Transducer

BII-5010 Series Frequency Response 
Linear Power Amplifier

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