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Linear Power Amplifier: SONAR and HIFU Transducer

BII-5040 Series 20W Wide Power Bandwidth of 3 MHz

Technical notes
The cable has adverse effects on the power amplifier performances in high frequency range. The longer the cable is, the worse the adverse effects is. If you use long cable in your project, you shall choose the power amplifiers whose output impedance matches cable and load impedance such as 50 ohms RG58 coax and 50 ohms load.

Suggested Application  
Image Sonar, HIFU Transducer
Underwater Sound Velocimeter/Sound Velocity Probe
Short Range Navigation, Inspection and Survey
Transmitting Array Shading
Object Avoidance/Tracking, Distance Gage
Low Power Underwater Wireless Communication
Modem FSK, PSK and Spread Spectrum System
Phantom Echo Generation
Phantom Generation of Clicks, Whistles and Pulse Trains
Audiogram Studies/Audiometry/Psychoacoustics
AEP/ABR Experiments on Aquatic Mammals
Bioacoustic and Biological Research (Whales/Dolphins)
Source Level Capability: 182.3+DI (dB)
Bandwidth: 3 MHz, 26 dB Gain
Driving Reactive Load
Small Size Fitting in ΦD1½" (38.1mm) Cylinder Housing
Single DC Power Supply, Stand-by Low Power Mode
Manual/Computer Digital Output Control
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Linear Power Amplifier BII-5041 BII-5042
Application: 1. Pulse/Burst SINE (Duty Cycle≤10%)
2. Chirp/FM, Arbitrary Waveform
3. Spread Spectrum FSK and PSK Signals
1. Pulse/Burst SINE
2. Chirp/FM, Arbitrary Waveform
3. Spread Spectrum FSK and PSK Signals
4. Continuous Waveform
5. Marine Animal Sound, Whale and Dolphin's Clicks, Whistles and Pulse Trains
Stand-by Control: Digital Output or Not Used Onboard ON/OFF Switch: Manually or Digitally
Size:  Rectangular PCB
Round PCB
ΦDxH=101.6x50.8 mm
Mounting:  4xΦD3.2mm through-holes 4xΦD4.87mm through-holes
Weight in Air:  36 grams  200 grams 
Cable:  60 mm wires 6" or 0.15m wires
Connector:  Wire Leads Wire Leads
Miscellaneous: BII-5040 Series Power Amplifier
Gain: 26 dB or 20
RMS Power Capability: 10 W @ +12 VDC Power Supply
20 W @ +24 VDC Power Supply
25 W @ +30 VDC Power Supply
Minimum Load: 5 Ω @ +12VDC Power Supply
10 Ω @ +24 VDC Power Supply
12.5 Ω @ +30 VDC Power Supply
Shut-down Control Voltage: TTL/CMOS Compatible. Shut-down: Logic Low "0": 0 to +0.4 VDC; Active: Logic High "1": +0.8 to +5 VDC.
Quiescent Current: Active: 106 mA; Shut Down: 2 mA
Power Bandwidth (-3 dB): 20 Hz to 3 MHz
Maximum Input Level: 2 Vpp
Input Impedance: 200 kΩ || 6 pF
Supply Voltage: +7.7 to +30 VDC
Suggested DC Supply: Marine Battery, Automobile Battery, Fixed DC Linear Power Supply, Not Included.
DO NOT use variable power supply whose maximum supply voltage is higher than the above rated voltage.
DO NOT use switching mode DC power supply.
Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
Storage Temperature: -50°C to 105°C
Technical Documents: Download BII-5040 specs.

BII-5041 PCB Size and Mounting Information

Power Amplifier for Sonar Transducer Linear Power Amplifier

  Signal Wires' Color
IN+ Input Signal White
IN- Input Signal common Blue
COM Power Supply Common Black
+Vs Power Supply Positive Voltage Red
OUT- Negative Output Yellow
OUT+ Positive Output Blue
OUT COM Output Common Default: PCB Via Pad, BII does not solder wire.
ST-BY Shut Down Control Default: PCB Via Pad, BII does not solder wire.
ST-BY COM Shut Down Control Common Default: PCB Via Pad, BII does not solder wire.
SD Shut-down pin Default: PCB Via Pad, BII does not solder wire.
SW Shut-down pin Default: SW is wired to OFF
OFF Shut-down OFF pin Default: OFF is wired to SW
Default Factory-set: SW is wired to OFF, shut-down function is not available.
To use shut-down function:
1. Cut off the wire between SW and OFF
2. Solder a wire from SW to SD.
3. Solder wires to ST-BY and ST-BY COM respectively.

BII-5042 PCB Size and Mounting Information

Power Amplifier

BII-5040 Series: Typical SPL (Sound Pressure Level) vs Frequency

Frequency (kHz) SPL (dB µPa*m) DUT (Device under Test)
200 209.0 to 210.5 3" Planar Transducer
300 212.4 to 214.0 3" Planar Transducer
420 211.8 to 213.3 2" Planar Transducer
600 212.4 to 214.0 1.5" Planar Transducer
1000 211.1 to 212.6 1" Planar Transducer
2000 214.1 to 215.6 1" Planar Transducer
3000 216.1 to 217.6 1" Planar Transducer

BII-5040 Series Frequency Response

Linear Power Amplifier

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