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Switching Mode Power Amplifier: Sonar and HIFU Transducer

Switch Mode Power Amplifier for Sonar TransducerSwitch Mode Power Amplifier for Sonar TransducerPower Amplifier

BII-5100 Series High Efficiency High Power Switching Mode Power Amplifier

Technical notes
The cable has adverse effects on the power amplifier performances in high frequency range. The longer the cable is, the worse the adverse effects is. If you use long cable in your project, you shall choose the power amplifiers whose output impedance matches cable and load impedance such as 50 ohms RG58 coax and 50 ohms load.

Suggested Application  
Echo Sounding
Sub-bottom Investigation
Seafloor-mapping System
Navigation Echosounder
Side Scan Sonar
HIFU Transducer
Acoustic Modem/Communication
Underwater Acoustic Positioning
Acoustic Beacon/Transponder
Audiogram Studies/Audiometry
Fishery Sounder/Netsonde
Dipping Sonar, Sonobuoy

Source Level Capability: 193.9+DI (dB)
Power Bandwidth: 1 MHz
Single DC Power Supply, High Efficiency
Small Size Fitting in ΦD1½" (38.1mm) Cylinder Housing
Easy/direct interface to Digital Output
Compatible to BII-4020 Sonar Signal Generator

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Switch Mode Power Amplifier BII-5101
Logic Voltage Level: TTL and CMOS Compatible
Logic Low: 0 to 0.8V
Logic High: 3.5 to 5V
Supply Voltage: +10.5 to +48 VDC
Quiescent Current: 13 mA
RMS Power Capability: Pulse Width<150mS, Duty cycle<10%:
288 W @ 48VDC Power Supply
216 W @ 36VDC Power Supply
144 W @ 24VDC Power Supply
72 W @ 12VDC Power Supply
See Graph of SPL vs Frequency
Operating Frequency: 1 kHz to 1 MHz
Limited by impedance matching & tuning network
Power Efficiency: > 93%
Impedance Matching: BII-6000 Series, Not Included
Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
Storage Temperature: -50°C to 105°C
Suggested DC Supply: Marine Battery, Automobile Battery, Fixed DC Linear Power Supply, Not Included.
DO NOT use variable power supply whose maximum supply voltage is higher than the above rated voltage.
DO NOT use switching mode DC power supply.
Application: Pulsed/Burst Square Wave, FSK
Size:  Round PCB
ΦDxH=101.6x50.8 mm
Mounting:  4xΦD4.87mm through-holes
Weight in Air:  198 grams 
Cable:  6" wires
Connector:  Wire Leads
Technical Documents: BII-5100 Series Power Amplifier Specs (PDF)

PCB Size and Mounting Information

Power Amplifier for Sonar Transducer 

BII-5101: Typical SPL (Sound Pressure Level) vs Frequency

Frequency (kHz) BII-5101 SPL (dB µPa*m) DUT (Device under Test)
3.5 to 1000 192.4 to 193.9 Omnidirectional Transducer
3.5 193.3 to 194.8 6" Planar Transducer
12 204.0 to 205.5 6" Planar Transducer
24 210.0 to 211.5 6" Planar Transducer
38 212.5 to 214.0 5" Planar Transducer
50 214.9 to 216.4 5" Planar Transducer
70 215.8 to 217.3 4" Planar Transducer
100 218.9 to 220.4 4" Planar Transducer
120 218.0 to 219.5 3" Planar Transducer
150 220.0 to 221.5 3" Planar Transducer
200 222.5 to 224.0 3" Planar Transducer
300 226.0 to 227.5 3" Planar Transducer
420 225.4 to 226.9 2" Planar Transducer
600 226.0 to 227.5 1.5" Planar Transducer
1000 226.9 to 228.4 1" Planar Transducer

Signal Block Diagram

Switching Mode Power Amplifier

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