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Broadband Hemispherical Hydrophone

Broadband Hemispherical HydrophoneBroadband Hemispherical HydrophoneBroadband Hemispherical HydrophoneBroadband Hemispherical HydrophoneBroadband Hemispherical HydrophoneBroadband Hemispherical HydrophoneBroadband Hemispherical HydrophoneBroadband Hemispherical Hydrophone

BII-7040 Series Broadband Hemispherical Hydrophone

The BII-7040 series provides broadband (500kHz) and hemispherical beam response at high frequency, which is designed to detect the presence and bearing/location of sound sources, and offers excellent acoustic characteristics of low noise and durability, which makes it ideal for a wide range of oceanography applications. With BII-7040, noises at certain directions are reduced, and signals at certain directions are detected.

The BII-7040 series with customized built-in integrated preamplifiers allow the hydrophones to be used with extension cables with no loss in sensitivity. The customized built-in high pass filter increases Signal-to-Noise Ratio, filters out unwanted noise and avoids saturation.

Optional mounting parts are available for installation on portable-mounting apparatus, submersibles, pipe, tank or vessel.

Suggested Application   
Directional hydrophone Increasing Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Broadband Hydrophone
Hydrophone Array in Multibeam Sonar System
Underwater Communication Receiver
LBL, SBL, USBL Positioning
Low Power Transmitter, Sonobuoy
Underwater Sound Recording, Marine Bioacoustic Research
Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM System)
Broadband Response: 1 Hz to 500 kHz
Hemispherical Beam at High Frequency
Built-in preamplifier & custom high pass filter
Cable Driving Capability: up to 1000m
Easy Installation: Thru-hole mounting, Underwater Mateable Connecter
Very low interference to acoustic field under test
Small and compact size for detection of broadband acoustic signals
Customized sensitivity in 60dB range for detection of strong or weak signals
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The hydrophones are omnidirectional in vertical and horizontal planes in the case that frequencies of the signals are less than fomni listed below.
BII-7040 Series Hydrophone without Preamplifier
Signal Loss Over Extension Cable (dB) = 20*log[Ch/(Ch+Cc)]; Ch - Hydrophone Capacitance; Cc - Extension Cable Capacitance
Hydrophone Sensitivity
Beam Pattern
Output Type fomni
ΦD mm
BII-7041 OCV&BP 1Hz to 210kHz 5.2 SE 20 500m Φ24.5 86
BII-7042 OCV&BP 1Hz to 250kHz 2.7 SE 20 950m Φ24.5 88
BII-7043 OCV&BP 1Hz to 500kHz 0.92 SE 60 500m Φ8.0 56
BII-7044 OCV&BP 1Hz to 210kHz 1.7 DF 20 500m Φ24.5 86
BII-7045 OCV&BP 1Hz to 420kHz 0.3 DF 35 500m Φ13.8 68
Output Type: SE: Single Ended Output; DF: Differential Output.
Cable: 1. Default: Coax (ΦD=2.8mm) (Coax)
2. Shielded cable with two conductors (ΦD=3.6mm) (SC36)
3. Shielded cable with two conductors (ΦD=6.5mm) (SC65)
Cable Length: 1. default: 6m; 2. Custom: up to 100m
BII-7040 Series Hydrophone with Preamplifier
Hydrophone Sensitivity
Beam Pattern
Gain Options
Noise Density
BII-7046 OCV&BP 0/26/40/60dB 1Hz to 210kHz 42.8dBµPa/√Hz 20 500m Φ24.5x60 170
BII-7047 OCV&BP 0/26/40/60dB 1Hz to 250kHz 41.5dBµPa/√Hz 20 950m Φ24.5x60 172
BII-7048 OCV&BP 0/26/40dB 1Hz to 500kHz 51.5dBµPa/√Hz 60 500m Φ9x20
BII-7049 OCV&BP 0/26/40dB 1Hz to 420kHz 45.0dBµPa/√Hz 35 500m Φ13.8x20
Note: Size with two ΦDxL: first ΦDxL is the size of sensing element, second ΦDxL is the size of preamplifier housing.
Preamplifier: BII-1000 Series Hydrophone Preamplifier.
1. Default: BII-1060 series preamplifier. 2. Customized: Specify when ordering.
Filter: Built-in, Preamplifier dependent. Specify -3dB cut-off frequency when ordering.
Output Type: 1. Default: Single Ended Output (SE). Append SE to the listed part number.
2. Differential Output (DF), Exclusive to preamplified hydrophone. Append DF to the listed part number.
Supply Voltage: +4.5 to +24 VDC, Preamplifier dependent.
Suggested DC Supply: +9VDC Battery, Marine Battery, Automobile Battery, Fixed DC Linear Power Supply, Not Included.
DO NOT use variable power supply whose maximum supply voltage is higher than the rated voltage.
DO NOT use switching mode DC power supply.
Current (Quiescent): Preamplifier dependent. Refer to BII-1000 Series Hydrophone Preamplifier.
Cable: Shielded Cable (ΦD=6.5mm) (SC65)
Cable Length: 1. default: 10m; 2. Custom: up to 1000m
Miscellaneous: BII-7040 Series Hydrophone
Mounting Options: 1. Default: Free Hanging (FH)
2. Free-hanging with Male Underwater Connector (FHUWC)
3. Thru-hole Mounting with Single O-ring (THSO)
4. Thru-hole Mounting with Double O-ring (THDO)
5. Bolt Fastening Mounting (Plastics): (BFMP)
6. Bolt Fastening Mounting (Stainless Steel): (BFMSS)
7. Thru-hole Mounting + Free Hanging (THFH)
Click Transducer and Hydrophone Mounting for more detailed information on mounting/installation.
Connector: 1. Default: Wire Leads (WL)
2. BNC Male (BNC)
3. 3.5 mm (⅛″) TRS Plug (TRS35)
4. ¼″ (6.35 mm) TRS Plug (TRS635)
5. XLR Plug (XLR)
6. Underwater Mateable Connector (UMC)
7. MIL-5015 Style (5015)
8. +9VDC Battery Snap (BS) (Exclusive to preamplified hydrophone)
9. Custom (custom)
Operating Temperature: -10°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C to +60°C
How to Order: Click How to Order.
Hydrophone Wiring: Click Hydrophone Wiring for detailed wiring information.
Receiving Array: Array & Aperture Design

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