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Low Frequency Broadband Transducer

Low Frequency Broadband TransducerLow Frequency Broadband TransducerLow Frequency Broadband TransducerLow Frequency Broadband TransducerLow Frequency Broadband Transducer

BII-7590s are low frequency broadband transducers (Free Flooded Ring Transducers) with toroidal beam and ranging from 1 to 40 kHz for uses in deep/shallow water communication and as low frequency broadband sound sources.

BII-7590 Low Frequency Broadband Transducer

Suggested Application
Deep Water Submergence
Broadband Communication Transducer
Artificial Acoustic Target
Echo-Repeater Target, Active-Acoustic Target
Underwater Broadband Sound Source
Low Q Sound Source
Voice Communication Underwater
Underwater Telephone
Bioacoustic Stimuli
Marine Animal Behaviour Study
Playback Marine Animal Voices/Calls
Long Range Sound Transmission

Features Related Products
Free Flooded Structure for Deep Water
Usable Frequency Range: 1 to 40 kHz
Low Qm, Broadband
High Power
Transmitting & Receiving
BII-5000 Power Amplifier
BII-6000 Impedance Matching and Tuning Unit
BII-8030 Underwater Acoustic Transmitter
BII-8080 Transmitting and Receiving System
Sonar Signal Generation


TVR: Transmitting Voltage Response in dB re µPa/V@1m; FFVS: Free-field Voltage Sensitivity in dB re V/µPa.
BII-7590 Series BII-7591 BII-7592 BII-7593 BII-7594
-3dB Bandwidth: 18 to 42 kHz 13 to 26 kHz 6.5 to 18 kHz 4 to 11 kHz
133.0 131.0 128.5 to 133.2 125.2 to 130.2
 FFVS: -196.0 -197.0 -195.8 -189.0
Capacitance: 16.8 nF 21.6 nF 65.2 nF 116.0 nF
Horizontal Beam Pattern: Omni @ 40kHz Omni @ 30kHz Omni @ 20kHz Omni @ 8kHz
Vertical Beam Pattern: 75° Toroidal 80° Toroidal 85° Toroidal 108° Toroidal
Size (ΦDxH): 48x21 mm 60x26 mm 89x48 mm 114x86 mm
Weight in Air: 105 gram 280 gram 387 gram 560 gram
Maximum Drive Voltage: 300 Vrms
Maximum Operating Depth: Default: 950m
Deep Water: BII customizes the depth rating of the transducer upon request (up to 1500m), please contact BII for details. To order customized Deep Water model, append DW to the part number.
Impedance Matching: Custom BII-6000: 4 to 16Ω, 50Ω, 60Ω, 75Ω, 100Ω,... Order separately. BII does not integrate BII-6000 into the transducer housing.
Transmit & Receive Switch:  BII-2100 Transmitting & Receiving Switch; Not included, order separately. BII does not integrate BII-6000 into the transducer housing.
Temperature Sensor: 1. Default: No built-in temperature sensor.
2. Built-in temperature sensor. When ordering, append TS to part number for integrating a temperature sensor in the transducer. Click Temperature Characteristics for more information.
Mounting: Free Hanging (FH)
Cable Length: 1. Default: 1m; 2. Customized cable length
Cable: 1. Default: Two Wires (WR)
2. Shielded Cable (SC)
Connector: 1. Default: Wire Leads (WL)
2. Underwater Mateable Connector (UMC)
3. MIL-5015 Style (5015)
4. Custom Connector (custom)
Operating Temperature: -10°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C to +60°C
How to Order: Click How to Order.
Transducer Wiring: Click Transducer Wiring for detailed wiring information.
Technical Document: Click BII-7590 TVR and OCV for more information.
Transmitting Array: Array & Aperture Design
Handling: Do not use the cable to support transducer weight in air.
Do not bend the cable splice.

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