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Phased Array: 2D Imaging Sonar

Phased ArrayPhased ArrayPhased ArrayImaging Sonar

BII-7630 series steered/phased array are designed for uses in 2D image Sonar, underwater floor/bottom mapping, sector scanning, navigation, object detection, target tracking, obstacle avoidance in tens or hundreds meter range.

The curved/cylindrical array is to transmit and receive sounds. With proper phase shifts applied to array elements, the cylindrical array can function as a linear planar array. Three types of beams can be therefore formed: broad beam (cylindrical array), steered narrow beam (linear planar array) and multibeam (linear planar array).
The array is broadband to support broadband Sonar signals (such as FM/Chirp, Ricker etc.). Acoustic sweeping (2D scanning) of the horizontal or vertical can be achieved with digital beamforming technology (digital beamforming is not provided from BII).

Phased ArrayPhased ArrayPhased Array

How to use BII-7630 series:
Mode 1: The cylinder array (no phase shift) emits broad beam sound, the phased cylinder array (or linear planar array) receives the echoes with multibeam technology.
Mode 2: The phased cylinder array (or steered linear planar array) emits narrow beam sound, the phased cylinder array (or steered linear planar array) receives the echoes with narrow beam.
Mode 3: Add different phase shifts to array elements to synthesize a special array geometry.

Note: Transducer bandwidth = resonance frequency (or operating frequency)/quality factor.

BII-7630    Phased Array: 2D Imaging Sonar

Suggested Application

Phased Array SONAR
Underwater Floor Mapping
Forward-looking Sonar
Object/Target Detection
Obstacle Avoidance, Target Tracking
Diver Hand-held System
2D Image Sonar
Sector Scanning
Bioacoustic Research
Underwater Robotic and Vehicle (ROV, AUV, UUV)
Beamforming and Multibeam Technology, Array Signal Processing
Seafloor Scattering, Roughness, Penetration, reflection and other properties
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Broad Beam, Narrow Beam and Multibeam
Broadband, Low Q
High Resolution
Long Range
Easy Mounting, Light Weight, Portable

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Phased/Steered Array BII-7631 BII-7632 BII-7633 BII-7634 BII-7635
Frequency: 120 kHz 120 kHz 240 kHz 240 kHz 450 kHz
Echo Ranging: ≤ 450 m ≤ 500 m ≤ 250 m ≤ 300 m ≤ 120 m
Array Geometry: Cylindrical Array   Cylindrical Array   Cylindrical Array   Cylindrical Array   Cylindrical Array  
Array Element Number: 20 32 32 48 64
Angular Element Spacing: 6.18º 4.12º 3.6º 2.4º 1.91º
Curvature Radius: 51 mm 76.5 mm 51 mm 76.5 mm 51 mm
Quality Factor Q: ≤ 4 ≤ 4 ≤ 4 ≤ 4 ≤ 4
Pulsed Signal Type: Ricker/CW/Chirp/FM Ricker/CW/Chirp/FM Ricker/CW/Chirp/FM Ricker/CW/Chirp/FM Ricker/CW/Chirp/FM
Maximum Drive Voltage: 600 Vrms 600 Vrms 600 Vrms 600 Vrms 300 Vrms
Size (LxHxD): 114x63x70mm 168x63x70mm 114x63x70mm 168x63x70mm 114x63x70mm
Cylindrical Array          
Horizontal Beamwidth (-3dB):
100º 100º 100º 100º 100º
Vertical Beamwidth (-3dB): 12º 12º 3.2º
Phased Linear Planar Array:
Horizontal Beamwidth (-3dB):
6.5º 4.0º 3.5º 2.3º 1.7º
Vertical Beamwidth (-3dB):
12º 12º 6º 6º 3.2º
Beam Steering Range: ±90º ±90º ±90º ±90º ±90º
Customized Order: BII can customize the curvature, beamwidth and array number for your project, please email BII.
Digital Beamformer: Not included
Temperature Sensor: 1. Default: No built-in temperature sensor.
2. Built-in temperature sensor. When ordering, append TS to part number for integrating a temperature sensor in the transducer. Click Temperature Characteristics for more information.
Power Amplifier: BII-5000 Power Amplifier: SONAR/HIFU Transducer, Order separately.
Matching & Tuning: BII-6000 Available, Order separately. BII does not integrate BII-6000 into the transducer housing.
Transmit and Receive Switch: BII-2100 Available, Order separately. BII does not integrate BII-2100 into the transducer housing.
Preamplifier: BII-1090 Hydrophone Preamplifier With Programmable Gain, Order separately.
BII-1030 Hydrophone Preamplifier With Variable Gain, Order separately.
To drive long cable, preamplifiers shall be used when receiving sounds.
Envelope Detection: BII-2030 Envelope Detection of Sonar Signals, Order separately.
Maximum Operating Depth: 300m
Mounting Options: 1. End-face Mounting: (EFM)
2. Flange Mounting: (FGM)
Click Transducer and Hydrophone Mounting for more detailed information on mounting/installation.
Cable Length: Standard 0.2m or customized length up to 0.5m (maximum)
Cable: Coax: (Coax)
20, 32 or 64 Channels (depending on the part number)
Connector: Wire Leads (WL)
Operating Temperature: -10°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C to +60°C
How to Order: Click How to Order.
Transducer Wiring: Click Transducer Wiring for detailed wiring information.

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