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Underwater Acoustic Transceiver/Artificial Acoustic Target

Underwater Acoustic TransceiverUnderwater Acoustic TransceiverUnderwater Acoustic Transceiver 

BII-7640 Underwater Acoustic Transceiver/Artificial Acoustic Target

BII-7640 series underwater acoustic transceivers have many underwater applications such as uses in artificial acoustic target, communication, location marking, position tracking, navigation, transponder, bioacoustics and sensor network underwater. These transducers integrate independent transmitting and receiving elements in one compact housing to avoid the use of emission & reception switching in signal processing chain, improve the receiving bandwidth and sensitivity, and minimize the noise level of receiving elements.

When used as an artificial target, BII-7640 series are able to quantitatively simulate the noise, Doppler effect, echo or characteristic signals of the subjects such as ships, fish, marine animals, seabed, sub-bottom, etc...

Underwater Acoustic TransceiverArtificial Acoustic Target

Suggested Application  
Artificial Acoustic Target: Echo-Repeater Target, Active-Acoustic Target
Experimental Testing, Evaluation and Proofing of Sonar System
Underwater Communication and Modem, Acoustic Release
Underwater Acoustic Positioning: Transponder, Responder
Tracking of Acoustic Tags/Transmitters in Marine Fisheries and Animals
Underwater Vehicle Navigation
Underwater Sensor Network
Underwater Telephone
Long Range Sound Transmission
Acoustic Deterrent to Marine Animals Marine
Animal Behavior Research, Bioacoustic Stimuli
Playback and Receive Marine Animal Sounds

Features Related Products

Transmit & Receive are independent, No Transmit & Receive Switching
Broadband or Low Q
Detection of Weak Signal/Response
Electrical Isolation & Shielding Between Emission and Reception

BII-8080 Transmitting and Receiving System
BII-5000 Power Amplifier
BII-6000 Impedance Matching and Tuning Unit
Sonar Signal Generation

Underwater Acoustic Transceiver with Fixed Receiving Gain Click BII-7641/2/3/4, 1 to 140kHz receiving bandwidth.
Underwater Acoustic Transceiver with Programmable Receiving Gain Click BII-7645/6/7/8, 1 to 400kHz receiving bandwidth.

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