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Underwater Beaconing Transducer

Beaconing TransducerBeaconing TransducerBeaconing TransducerBeaconing TransducerBeaconing Transducer

BII-7670   Underwater Beaconing Transducer: 24 to 45 kHz

Benthowave manufactures broadband underwater beaconing transducers with frequency range of 24 to 50kHz, which meet the requirements of many underwater acoustic systems: Locator, Pinger, Transponder, Acoustic Release, Positioning/Tracking, Communication, etc...

Besides standard conical beam pattern, the customized fan-shaped beam is available. If you can not find any transducer suitable to your project, please contact BII for custom designs on operating frequency, beam width, mounting, etc...

For Omni/hemispherical transducers, please check out BII-7520 Omnidirectional/Hemispherical Transducer.

Optional mounting parts are available for installation on portable-mounting apparatus, submersibles, pipe, tank or vessel.
An impedance matching transformer is optional to provide correct impedance match to load requirements of power amplifiers.
A Transmit & Receive Switch is available to be integrated inside transducer for amplifying the received sounds and driving long cable.

Suggested Application Features Related Products

Long Range Sounding
Acoustic Release
Navigation, Obstacle Avoidance
Acoustic Positioning
Pinger, Locator, Beacon, Transponder

Broadband, 950m Depth
Wide -3dB Beamwidth, Conical Beam
Transmitting & Receiving
High Power: up to 500W
Easy Mounting: Thru-hole, Bolt Fastening
Customized Beam Width and Frequency

BII-2100 Transmitting & Receiving Switch
BII-5000 Power Amplifier
BII-6000 Impedance Matching and Tuning Unit
BII-4000 Signal Generation
BII-8030 Underwater Acoustic Transmitter
BII-8080 Transmitting and Receiving System


Beaconing Transducer BII-7671 BII-7672 BII-7673 BII-7674 BII-7675
fr Frequency (kHz): 24 26 28 37.5 45 kHz
TVR @ fr:
(dB uPa/V@1m)
129.0 129.0 130.0 132.0 135.0
Quality Factor Qm: 3 3 3 3 3
Receiving Sensitivity:
(with 0.1m cable)
-171.0  -172.0  -172.0 -174.0  -175.0
Beam Pattern: Conical Conical Conical Conical Conical
Beam Angle (-3dB): 95º 97º 90º 91º 93.5º
Side Lobe (dB): No Side lobe No Side lobe No Side lobe No Side lobe No Side lobe
Maximum Drive Voltage: 600Vrms 600Vrms 600Vrms 600Vrms 600Vrms
Size (ΦDxH): 48x85mm 42x80mm 42x75mm 33x60mm 27x50mm
Weight (kg): 1.0 0.9 0.8 0.6 0.4
Max. Operating Depth: 1. Default: 300m
2. Deep Water model: 950m, Append DW to the part number.
Impedance Matching: Custom BII-6000: 4 to 16Ω, 50Ω, 60Ω, 75Ω, 100Ω,...; Not Included. Order Separately, Append IM to part number.
Temperature Sensor: 1. Default: No built-in temperature sensor.
2. Built-in temperature sensor. When ordering, append TS to part number for integrating a temperature sensor in the transducer. Click Temperature Characteristics for more information.
TR Switch: BII-2100 Transmitting & Receiving Switch. Not Included. Order Separately, Append TR to part number.
Mounting Options: 1. Default: Free Hanging (FH)
2. Free-hanging with Male Underwater Connector (FHUWC)

3. Thru-hole Mounting with Single O-ring (THSO)
4. Thru-hole Mounting with Double O-ring (THDO)
5. Bolt Fastening Mounting (Stainless Steel): (BFMSS)
6. End-face Mounting: (EFM)
Transducer and Hydrophone Mounting for more detailed information on mounting/installation.
Cable Length: 1. default: 0.1m
2. custom
Cable: 1. Shielded Cable (SC)
2. Wire/Cable Bundle (WCB): ONLY for Thru-hole Mounting with BII-767xTR and BII-767xTRIM.
Connector Options: 1. Default: Wire Leads (WL)
2. Underwater Mateable Connector (UMC)
3. MIL-5015 Style (5015)
4. Custom (custom)
Operating Temperature: -10°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C to +60°C
How to Order: Click How to Order.
Transducer Wiring: Click Transducer Wiring for detailed wiring information.

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