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Hemispherical Transducer

Hemispherical TransducerHemispherical TransducerHemispherical TransducerHemispherical TransducerHemispherical TransducerHemispherical TransducerHemispherical Transducer

BII-7700 Hemispherical Transducer

Benthowave's hemispherical transducers range from 10kHz to 1MHz and provide hemispherical transmitting and receiving voltage response.

With thru-hole mounting, BII-7700s can be installed on hull as hull-mounted transmitting and receiving array (such as linear, planar and cylindrical array). Working with preamplifiers and custom high pass filters, the array can drive long cables and eliminate the unwanted ship or ambient noise before beam-steering and amplitude shading.

Optional mounting parts are available for installation on portable-mounting apparatus, submersibles, pipe, tank or vessel.
An impedance matching transformer is optional to provide correct impedance match to load requirements of power amplifiers.
A Transmit & Receive Switch is available to be integrated inside transducer for amplifying the received sounds and driving long cable.

BII-7000 Broadband Omnidirectional Hydrophone/Projector.        BII-7520 Omnidirectional Transducer.

Note: -3dB Bandwidth = fr/Q.  Q: Quality Factor of the Transducer. 

Suggested Application  
Hull-mounted Array: Linear/Planar/Cylindrical Array
Fixed Array and Drifting Array
Underwater Digital & Analog Communication
Underwater Telephone
Artificial Acoustic Target
Echo-Repeater Target
Active-Acoustic Target
Underwater Vehicles: AUV/UUVs and ROVs
Pinger, Locator, Transponder, Tracking
Underwater Beaconing Transducer
Acoustic Positioning: LBL, SBL, USBL
Acoustic Deterrent to Marine Animals
Synthesize Marine Animal Sounds, Acoustic Stimuli
Forward-looking Navigation Sonar
10kHz to 1MHz, Hemispherical Beam
Broadband, Deep Water
Array Element
Easy Mounting
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Sonar Signal Generation


Transducer Frequency
dB µPa/V@1m
dB V/µPa
Q Beam Width HorizontalxVertical Depth
Size ΦD
BII-7701 104 142.3 -201.2 5 Omni x 70° 300m 950m 35
BII-7706 75 149.8 -199.3 5 Omni x 70° 300m 950m 38.5
BII-7706/1000 1000 152.0 -197.0 5 Omni x 70° 300m 950m 38.5
BII-7702 60 144.8 -196.4 5 Omni x 68° 300m 950m 47
BII-7702BB 55
-196.4 3.5 Omni x 68° 300m 950m 47
BII-7703 44 and 60 147.0 -193.0 4 Omni x 72° 950m N/A 48
BII-7704 45 146.0 -195.0 3 Omni x 69° 300m 950m 60
BII-7704/500 500 148.0 -192.0 3 Omni x 69° 300m 950m 60
BII-7704BB 40
-195.0 2.3 Omni x 69° 300m 950m 60
BII-7705 30 146.0 -185.0 3 Omni x 70° 300m 950m 69
BII-7707 25 148.0 -192.0 3 Omni x 70° 300m N/A 80
BII-7707/300 300 150.0 -190.0 3 Omni x 70° 300m N/A 80
BII-7707BB 15
-192.0 1.3 Omni x 70° 300m N/A 80
Miscellaneous: BII-7700 Series Transducers
Beam Pattern: Hemispherical
Maximum Drive Voltage: 300 Vrms (1% Duty Cycle)
Temperature Sensor: 1. Default: No built-in temperature sensor.
2. Built-in temperature sensor. When ordering, append TS to part number for integrating a temperature sensor in the transducer. Click Temperature Characteristics for more information.
Deep Water: To order Deep Water model, append DW to the part number.
For example, BII-7701DW is of 950m depth rating; BII-7701 is of 300m depth rating.
Impedance Matching: Custom-made BII-6000: 4 to 16Ω, 50Ω, 60Ω, 75Ω, 100Ω ... Order separately, Append IM to part number.
T/R Switch: BII-2100 Transmitting & Receiving Switch; Not Included. Order Separately, Append TR to part number.
Mounting Options: 1. Default: Free Hanging (FH)
2. Free-hanging with Male Underwater Connector (FHUWC)

3. Thru-hole Mounting with Single O-ring (THSO)
4. Thru-hole Mounting with Double O-ring (THDO)
5. Bolt Fastening Mounting (Stainless Steel): (BFMSS)
6. End-face Mounting: (EFM)
7. Thru-hole Mounting + Free Hanging (THMFH)
Click Transducer and Hydrophone Mounting for more detailed information on mounting/installation.
Cable Length: Cable Length: 1 to 100m
Cable: 1. Shielded Cable (SC)
2. Wire/Cable Bundle (WCB): ONLY for Thru-hole Mount with BII-770xTR and BII-770xTRIM.
Connector Options: 1. Default: Wire Leads (WL)
2. Underwater Mateable Connector (UMC)
3. MIL-5015 Style (5015)
4. Custom (Custom)
Operating Temperature:  -10 to +60°C
Storage Temperature: -40 to +60°C
How to Order: Click How to Order.
Transducer Wiring: Click Transducer Wiring for detailed wiring information.
TVR: Transmitting Voltage Response, Click BII-7700 Specs  for more information.
Transmitting Array: Array & Aperture Design

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