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Panoramic Transducer: 2D Panorama Underwater

BII-7710    Panoramic Transducer: Imaging Surrounding Targets and Fish

Benthowave's panoramic Transducers support sector scanning in horizontal plane to implement 2D image with 360° view field, and can be used in scanning echo direction and ranging Sonar, navigation, searchlight, object/target detection/tracking, fish school finding, obstacle avoidance, and high bit-rate communication in tens or hundreds meter range.

In transmitting, the transmitting array sends out a pulse of high frequency waves in all directions in horizontal plane. In receiving, the receiving elements in the cylindrical array receive the waves reflected from targets or emitted from sound sources. The conversion from a broad directivity beam to high directivity beam and the beam steering/scanning can be done in electronic hardware or software (array processing/Beamforming).

Besides being used in active 2D imaging Sonar, BII-7710 series transducers can also be used as a general-purpose cylindrical array projector or a cylindrical array receiver.

Technical Note:
Depending on the design of data acquisition system, especially the quantity of A/D converters and computer memory size, the sector scanning can be fulfilled with electronic hardware or software (array processing).

Suggested Application  
Fishery Sonar Object/Target Detection and Tracking
Obstacle Avoidance Underwater Robotic and Vehicle (ROV, AUV, UUV)
2D Image Sonar/Sector Scanning Communication
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Panoramic Transducer Cylindrical Array
BII-7710 Series BII-7711 BII-7715
Frequency: 120 kHz 240 kHz
Echo Ranging: ≤ 350 m ≤ 250 m
Size (ΦDxH): 168 x 120mm 114 x 120mm
Transmitting Array    
Array Geometry: Cylinder Cylinder
Transmitting Channel: 1 1
Horizontal Beamwidth (±2dB): 360º 360º
Vertical Beamwidth (-3dB): 12º 6.0º
Quality Factor Q: ≤ 5 ≤ 5
Pulsed Signal Type: Ricker/CW/Chirp/FM Ricker/CW/Chirp/FM
Maximum Drive Voltage: 600Vrms 600Vrms
Receiving Array:
Array Geometry: Cylinder Cylinder 
Receiving Element: 64 64
Element Spacing:  5.625º 5.625º
Horizontal Beamwidth (-3dB): Array Processing Dependent Array Processing Dependent
Vertical Beamwidth (-3dB): 12º 6.0º
Quality Factor Q: ≤ 4 ≤ 4
Signal Generation: Sonar Signal Generation; Order Separately
Power Amplifier BII-5000 Series Sonar Power Amplifier; Order Separately
Impedance Matching & Tuning: BII-6000, Available; Order Separately. BII does not integrate BII-6000 into the transducer housing.
Maximum Operating Depth: 300m for End-face Mounting
100m for Flange Mounting
Temperature Sensor: 1. Default: No built-in temperature sensor.
2. Built-in temperature sensor. When ordering, append TS to part number for integrating a temperature sensor in the transducer. Click Temperature Characteristics for more information.
Mounting Options: 1. End-face Mounting:  (EFM)
2. Flange Mounting: (FGM)
Click Transducer and Hydrophone Mounting for more detailed information on mounting/installation.
Transmitting Array Cable: One channel, Shielded Cable (SC)
White or Red Conductor: Signal +; Black Conductor: Signal -; Cable Shield: To System Grounding/Common.
Receiving Array Cable: Coax, 64 Channels (Coax)
Coax Conductor: Signal; Coax Shield: Signal Common.
Receiving Array Orientation:  Slot mark on housing: Receiving Channel# 1.
Channel# 1, 2, 3.....64 are sequential clockwise in bottom view of the transducer.
Cable Length: Standard 0.2m or customized length up to 0.5m (maximum)
Connector: Wire Leads (WL)
Operating Temperature: -10°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C to +60°C
Transducer Wiring: Click Transducer Wiring for detailed wiring information.
How to Order BII-7660 Series and BII-7710 Series Transducers
BII-771X xx -xx -xx -SC -xx -Coax -WL
BII-7710 Series Blank
Transmit Cable Length
in meter
Transmit Cable Type Receive Cable Length
in meter
Receive Cable Connector
Example of Part Number: Description
BII-7715-EFM-0.2-SC-0.2-Coax-WL BII-7715 transducer, End-face Mounting, 0.2m shielded cable (Transmit), 0.2m Coax (Receive), Wire leads.
BII-7715-FGM-0.5-SC-0.2-Coax-WL BII-7715 transducer, Flange Mounting, 0.5m shielded cable (Transmit), 0.2m Coax (Receive), Wire leads.
Panoramic Transducer Panoramic TransducerPanoramic Transducer

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