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Underwater Sound Recording, Analysis and Playback

BII-8004    Sound Logger, Processor and Generator

The BII-8004 is a portable and advanced sound recorder and synthesizer with the latest laptop technology. It records, analyzes and playbacks sounds, and synthesizes Sonar signals for underwater acoustic systems (Active SONAR, communication, beaconing ...).

With BII-8004s transmitting and receiving sounds, field experiments of your ideas and acoustic devices are easy and convenient, it speeds up the tryout and commissioning of your equipment and algorithm by tuning parameters on virtual instrument panel of BII-BII-8004.

Typical signals BII-8004s generate and analyze include Pulsed SINE, Chirp/FM, FSK, natural sounds and marine animal sounds, the signal is processed in time, frequency and time-frequency domain. You may utilize these powerful tools to investigate the signals in detail and to commission the acoustic systems in fields such as noise measurement, bioacoustics, FSK digital communication, echo sounding, sub-bottom profiling, sea-floor mapping, beaconing...

Underwater Sound Recording, Analysis, Synthesis & PlaybackApplication

  • Portable Active and Passive SONAR System
  • Underwater Sound Recording, Analysis and playback
  • SONAR Signal Synthesis and Generation
  • FSK Communication Signal Synthesis and Generation
  • Noise Measurement and Analysis
  • Artificial Acoustic Target, Phantom Echo Generation
  • Echo Sounding, Digital Communication, Beaconing, Sub-bottom Profiling...
  • Marine Bioacoustic Research, Bioacoustic Stimulus Generation
  • Audiogram Study / Audiometry, Acoustic Characteristics of Clicks, Whistles and Pulse Trains
  • Psychoacoustic and Electrophysiological (AEP/ABR) Experiments on Aquatic Mammals

With BII-8004, you may speed up your filed project on following subjects:

Communication: C = B*log(1+SNR)/log2  bit/s C: Channel Capacity; B: Channel Bandwidth; SNR: Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Echo Sounding: SNR=SL-2TL+TS-NL+AG SL: Source Level; TL: Transmission Loss; TS: Target Strength;
NL: Self-noise Level; AG: Array Gain

Note: The some signal synthesizers in BII-8004 are not activated in default. Please specify the signal synthesizer when ordering if you need Sonar signal generation for your project.

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Display: LED LCD Notebook Computer
Operating System: Windows Operating System
Storage: ≥250 GB HDD, ≥1 GB Memory
Power Supply: +12 VDC Battery or 100~240VAC, 50 ~60 Hz
Suggested Battery: +12VDC Marine Battery, +12VDC Automobile Battery (not included)
Sound Reception: Bandwidth: 1 Hz to 1MHz
Input Voltage Range: -3.2Vpeak to +3.2Vpeak
Data Precision: 16 bit
Channels: 1
Hydrophone: BII-7008 Hydrophone, -173.0dB V/uPa, 10m cable
or Customized Hydrophones
Sound Production: Frequency Range: 10 Hz to 500 kHz
Output Voltage Range: ±10 V
Output Current Drive: ±5 mA
Data Precision: 16 bit
Signal Type: Pulsed/Burst SINE
Power amplifiers and Transducers are not included.
Customized Sound Production: Customized Signal Type: Chirp/FM, Square wave, FSK, User Defined
Specify when ordering, NOT available in default.
Modes: Real-Time, Recording, Post-Process
Terminals for Reception: BNC (male)
Terminals for Sound Production: BNC (male)
Terminals for Computer: USB
Editing: Clip waveform to analyze
Saved Data: Wave PCM sound file format *.wav
Data Processing: Time Series, Spectrum/Periodogram, Spectrogram, Power Spectral Density (PSD)
Smoothing Windows: Flat Top, Hamming, Hanning, Uniform
Axis Scaling: Linear or Logarithmic
Custom Software: Please contact BII for custom software
Case: Portable, Waterproof, Light Weight, Durable, Highly Chemical Resistant
Accessories: USB: BenthoSound Installer
AC/DC adapter, 100~240VAC, 50 ~60 Hz
+12 VDC to 115VAC (60 Hz) Inverter
Weight: 10.5 kg
Size (LxWxH): 47x35.7x17.6 cm

FSK Information
Availability: Specify when ordering, NOT available in default.
Signal Type: Binary FSK
Frequency Range: 100Hz to 500kHz
FSK Mark/Space Length: 10μS to 100ms
FSK Binary Information: 4 to 112 Bits
FSK Binary Info Input: Manual
Output Level: 0 to 2Vpp

User Interface

Underwater Sound Recording, Analysis and playbackPortable Active and Passive SONAR SystemPortable Active and Passive SONAR SystemUnderwater Sound Recording, Analysis and playbackUnderwater Sound Recording, Analysis and playbackFSK Communication

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