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Portable Digital Underwater Sound Recorder

Portable Digital Underwater Sound RecorderPortable Digital Underwater Sound RecorderPortable Digital Underwater Sound Recorder

BII-8006  Portable Digital Underwater Sound Recorder

Portable, Battery Powered, Long Battery Life
Long Hydrophone Cable
Audio Connectors: 3.5mm (1/8") TRS, XRL, or BNC
Unbalanced or Balanced Signal Transmission
Built-in Speaker for Recorded Sound Playback
USB Interface for Downloading Files to Computer
Line Input and Output
Optional Headphone for Real-time Listening when recording

Underwater Sound and Noise Recording, Playback and Listening
Noise Measurement and Analysis
Marine Animal Sounds Recording, Playback and Listening
Marine Bioacoustic Research, Whale Watching and Tourism


Frequency Range:   20 Hz to 24kHz (default)
custom Low pass and high pass filter, specify when ordering.
Hydrophone Sensitivity: -172 dB V/ uPa (default)
Custom: -198 to -138 dB V/ uPa, specify when ordering.
Hydrophone Horizontal Directivity:   Omnidirectional ±1dB at 24kHz
Hydrophone Vertical  Directivity:  280° ±3dB at 24kHz
Hydrophone Cable:  1. 10 m
2. custom (up to 100 m)
Cable Terminals: 1/8" (3.5mm) TRS plug
9VDC Battery Snap
Hydrophone Power Supply:  +9VDC Battery
Battery Life: > 100 hours with one +9VDC Battery
Operating Depth of Hydrophone:  100 m Maximum
Maximum Sound Level:  1. Default: 185 dB μPa
2. Custom (220 to 155 dB µPa)
Digital Recorder   
Recording Bit Rate:  WAV: 16/24bit
MP3: 48/96/192/256/320kbps
Sampling Frequency:  WAV: 44.1/48/96kHz
MP3: 44.1kHz
Playback:  WAV: 16/24bit, 44.1/48/96kHz
MP3: 48/96/192/256/320kbps, 44.1kHz
Recording Media:  microSD card (2GB), 2GB microSD included
microSDHC card (4GB to 32GB)
Display: LCD
USB Interface:  Mini-B, Transfer recorded files to Mac or PC computer
Built-in Speaker:  0.4W, 8Ω
Headphone / Line Output:  1/8" (3.5mm) TRS jack
Headphone Output Level:  0.02W into 32Ω load
Battery Life (LR6 batteries):  10 hours (MP3), 9.5 hours (WAV)
Power Requirements:  LR6 or Ni-MH AA battery x 1  
Case: Water Proof, Light Weight, Durable and Highly Chemical Resistant  
Dimensions with case:  8.12(W) x 6.56(D) x 3.56(H) inch or 206.2(w) x 166.6(D) x 90.4(H) mm 
Weight:  0.19 kg without water-proof case 0.626 kg with water-proof case  

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