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Ultrasonic Pulser-Receiver

Benthowave manufactures portable ultrasound pulser-receiver for NDT applications (Nondestructive Testing) such as flaw detection, thickness gaging and materials characterization.

With a handheld/benchtop oscilloscope and a +12VDC power supply, BII-8010 excites the NDT transducer and captures the echoes for display on the oscilloscope and measurement of time of flight. It is suitable for laboratory and field uses.

BII-8010 is also designed to work with high speed computer-based digitizer. This setup features flexible and software-defined functionality to deliver unmatched versatility for both time- and frequency-domain analysis of ultrasonic exciting signal and echoes. The high speed digitizer with 100 MS/s Bus-Powered USB interface is available from some DAQ manufacturers. Please contact BII if you need help on high speed digitizers compatible to BII-8010.

For SONAR signal generation, please refer to BII-4000 Signal Generation for Underwater Acoustic Systems.

BII-8010 Ultrasonic Pulser-Receiver

High Voltage Broadband Spikes
Built-in Low Noise Amplification: 40 and 60 dB Gain
+12 VDC Power Supply
Portable/Durable Water-proof Case
Suggested Application  
Flaw Detection
Materials Characterization
Thickness Gaging
Longitudinal Wave Excitation
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Pulse Voltage: -300V -400V -500V
Pulse Shape: Negative Spike
Rise Time: ≤ 40 ns
Operating Mode: Pulse Echo
Pulse Repetition: 1. Default: 1 pulse/second
2. Custom: 0.2 pulse/second to 100 pulses/seconds
Synch Output: 5V Pulse, Rise Edge
Connector: BNC female, 50Ω
-3dB Bandwidth: 16 MHz
Amplification Gain: 40 and 60 dB
Low Pass Filter: Built-in:
1. Default: 16MHz
2. Customized to fit for the transducer bandwidth.
High Pass Filter: Built-in:
1. Default: 20kHz
2. Custom: 1kHz to 1MHz
Output: Two Output Channels, AC Coupled
Output with 40dB Amplification Gain
Output with 60dB Amplification Gain
Connector: BNC Female, 50Ω
Noise (RTI): ≤ 50 µVpp

Supported Transducer: BII-7690 NDT Ultrasound Transducer, order separately.
Suggested DC Supply: 2x6VDC Batteries, Marine Battery, Automobile Battery, Fixed DC Linear Power Supply, Not Included.
DO NOT use variable power supply whose maximum supply voltage is higher than the rated voltage.
DO NOT use switching mode DC power supply.
Power Supply: +12 VDC, 0.3A; Binding Post Terminal
Size: LxWxD = 0.28mx0.26mx0.13m
Case: Portable, Waterproof, Light Weight, Durable, Highly Chemical Resistant
Weight: 2 kg

Upgrade Services Whenever new pulser-receiver is available from BII, or you need another set of parameters of the pulser-receiver for your projects, you do not have to buy a new one, you may take advantage of BII' upgrade services:
Customer may ship the purchased unit back to BII for modification or upgrade of the parameters such as pulse voltage, rise time, pulse repetition rate, bandwidth, filters' cut-off frequencies, etc...
Note: Customer shall be responsible to the shipping costs and some upgrade fees.

System Setup Front Panel
Ultrasonic Pulser-Receiver Ultrasound Pulser-Receiver

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