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Underwater Acoustic Transmitter

Underwater Acoustic TransmitterUnderwater Acoustic TransmitterUnderwater Acoustic TransmitterUnderwater Acoustic TransmitterUnderwater Acoustic TransmitterUnderwater Acoustic TransmitterUnderwater Acoustic Transmitter

BII-8030 series portable underwater acoustic transmitters are designed for Sonar, artificial acoustic target, communication and bioacoustic application, which integrate power amplifier and impedance matching network into portable water-proof cases. The impedance matching network is customized to match specific impedance between power amplifier and the transducer at operating frequency.

If you are looking for embedded components (lower cost) for your projects, please check out Acoustic Components.

Technical notes
The cable has adverse effects on the power amplifier performances in high frequency range. The longer the cable is, the worse the adverse effects is. If you use long cable in high frequency range, you shall order customized BII-8030 series whose output impedance matches cable and load impedance. In addition,
if you want to use BII-8030 series to drive different transducers, you shall specify that BII-8030 matches 50Ω impedance or cable's characteristic impedance (such as 67Ω, 75Ω or 100Ω etc...), and the transducers should have impedance matching unit as well to match 50Ω impedance or the specific impedance.

Underwater Acoustic TransmitterUnderwater Acoustic Transmitter

BII-8030 Series Underwater Acoustic Transmitter

Suggested Application  
Active Sonar System
Artificial Acoustic Target
Echo-Repeater Target, Active-Acoustic Target
Sub-bottom Investigation
Seafloor-mapping System
Navigation, Underwater Communication
Driving HIFU Transducer
Underwater Telephone, Diver Recall System
Bioacoustics, Fishery Acoustics/Sonar
Acoustic Deterrents to Marine Animals
Playback of Recorded Marine animal sounds
Underwater Sound Stimulus
Waterproof, Portable, Light Weight
Broadband Power Bandwidth
Support Various Signal Types
High Power Capability


System Bandwidth (-3dB): Limited by the bandwidth of SONAR Transducer.
Signal Generator: Sonar Signal Generation, Not included, Order Separately.
BII-8000 Series Underwater Sound Recording, Analysis, Synthesis and Playback
Laborotary Signal Generator.
Underwater Projector: SONAR Transducer, Not Included, Order Separately.
Transmitter Frequency
Switching RMS
Power Capability
Linear RMS
Power Capability
BII-8031 600Hz to 100kHz 60kΩ||6pF 65W@+16VDC
100kHz 6A,
+8 to +16VDC
BII-8033 600Hz to 3MHz 20kΩ||6pF 256W@+32VDC
2MHz 8A,
+8 to +35VDC
BII-8034 600Hz to 70kHz 200KΩ||7pF 360W@+48VDC
70kHz 8A,
+8 to +48VDC
Note: Frequency Range listed above is supported by the respective BII-8030 series. -3dB bandwidth, usable frequency range and minimum operating frequency are determined by the transducer and its respective impedance matching network inside BII-8030 series. BII lists these parameters in datasheet enclosed with the shipment.
Miscellaneous: BII-8030 Series Underwater Acoustic Transmitter
Input Signal Type: Pulsed SINE, Chirp, PSK, FSK, etc. Marine Animal Sound; Pulse, Square Waveform.
Max. Input Signal Level: Linear Mode: 2Vpp
Switching Mode: TTL/CMOS Level or 5Vpp
Input Connector: Female BNC
Voltage Gain: Transducer dependent, Voltage Gain vs. Frequency enclosed with datasheet in shipment.
Output Connector: MIL-5015 style
Power Supply Connector: Dual Binding Post Terminal (Red and Black)
Red Terminal: +VDC Power Supply
Black Terminal: Common of Power supply and Grounding.
Warning: Black Terminal must be grounded firmly for safety.
Impedance Matching: 1. In default, BII customize the impedance matching unit to match the impedance between BII-8030 Series and BII's
2. Customization: Buyer may specify the impedance to be matched between BII-8030 Series and buyer's transducers
    such as 4 to 16Ω, 50Ω, 60Ω, 75Ω, 100Ω transducers, etc...
Suggested DC Supply: Marine Battery, Automobile Battery, Fixed DC Linear Power Supply, Not Included.
DO NOT use variable power supply whose maximum supply voltage is higher than the above rated voltage.
DO NOT use switching mode DC power supply.
Warning: Power supply voltage exceeding the rated range shall damage the system.
Size (LxWxD): 0.28x0.26x0.13 m or 0.28x0.26x0.18 m
Transducer Case: Portable, Waterproof, Light Weight, Durable, Highly Chemical Resistant.
No transducer case in default. Available upon request.
Console Case: Portable, Waterproof, Light Weight, Durable, Highly Chemical Resistant.
How to order:  
BII-803X -f /BW -Z
BII-8030 Series Frequency
in kHz
-3dB Bandwidth
in kHz
Transducer Impedance
in Ω
Transducer Phase
in ° (degree)
BII-8030 Series Part Number of BII Transducer
Example of Part Number Description
BII-8033-120/30-60.0/0.0 BII-8033, 120kHz operating frequency, -3dB Bandwidth 30kHz, driving the transducer with Impedance of 60Ω and Phase of 0°
BII-8031-38/10-380.0/-13.0 BII-8031, 38kHz operating frequency, -3dB Bandwidth 10kHz, driving the transducer with Impedance of 380Ω and Phase of -13°.
BII-8034/BII-7516 BII-8034, Driving BII-7516 transducer.

Transducer Connector Assembly

If buyer orders a free hanging, flange mount or flush mount transducer, BII assembles the connector on transducer cable. Buyer dose not need to do any assembly.
If byer orders a thru-hole mount, bolt-fastening mount or end-face mount transducer, BII ships the transducer with wire leads and the mating connector to buyer. After installing the transducer on the mounting wall, buyer shall assemble the connector with transducer cable and solder the wire leads to the connector pins. Note: the size of the mating connector is bigger than mounting hole size of the transducer.

Mating Connector Wire Leads of Transducer
Pin A Shield (Shielding and Grounding)
Pin B Black Wire (Transducer "-")
Pin C Red or White Wire (Transducer "+")

Console and Wiring without ON/OFF and Feedback of Driving Voltage

                          BII-8031, BII-8033, BII-8034

Underwater Acoustic Transmitter

Dual Binging Posts: Red: +DC Power Supply; Black : +DC Power Supply Common and Grounding
Warning: Black post must be grounded firmly for operating safety.
Fuse Holder: Fuse, 15A, 60VDC, 3AB, 3AG, 1/4" x 1-1/4"
BNC Jack: BNC Center Contact: Signal; BNC Shield: Signal Common
Circular Connector (Receptacle): Driving Signal to Transducer, Pin A: Cable Shield; Pin B: Transducer "-"; Pin C: Transducer "+".

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