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EchosounderEcho Sounderscientific echosounder

Benthowave manufactures portable scientific echosounders for uses in hydrographic marine surveys, biomass assessment, fish tracking, precision bathymetry, obstacle avoidance...

BII-8050 Scientific Echosounder

Features Suggested Application
Echo ranging: Up to 1km
Real-time visualization, data storage and playback
Configure parameters in software
Windows application software
+10 to +24 VDC power supply
Low cost, easy to operate
Portable water-proof case
Water Depth, Bathymetry
Bottom Contour
Fish Finder and Fish Tracking
Biomass Assessment
Obstacle Avoidance
Target Strength Analysis
Shallow Water, River, Lake, Inshore and Coastal


Echosounder BII-8051 BII-8052 BII-8053 BII-8054 BII-8055 BII-8056 BII-8057
Center Frequency: 38kHz 70kHz 120kHz 200kHz 50/200kHz 420kHz 1MHz
Transducer: BII-7565 BII-7566 BII-7567 BII-7561 BII-7568 BII-7564 BII-7581
Echo Ranging: 1km 500m 300m 200m 0.2 to 1km 50m 15m
Pulse Duration (µS): 256, 512,
128, 256,
64, 128,
256, 512,
64, 128,
256, 512,
64, 128,
256, 512,
1024, 2048
32, 64,
128, 256,
16, 32,
64, 128,
Ping Rates (pps): 0.1 to 0.5 pings/second, Selectable in Software
Range: 0 to 1000 meters, User selectable in Software
Range Compensation: 1. Pr (Signal Power, NO Compensation); 2. Sv (20logR+2αR); 3. TS (40logR+2αR)
Transducer Cable: Default: 10m; Customize: Up to 20m
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 °C
System Performance
Operation Mode: Active
Dynamic Range: 150dB
Echogram View  
Displays/Views: Color Echogram: Pr (Signal Power), Sv (Volume Backscattering Strength), TS (Target Strength)
Bottom Detection
Replay Saved Data
Numerical Display: General Information
Scope View: Ping to Ping Echo Envelope Signal
Vertical Range: from transducer depth to 1000m deep, adjustable
Horizontal Timespan: Time
Zooming: Zooming in and out echogram on vertical range and horizontal timespan
Bottom Detection Setting: Adjustable in software
Raw Data Storage: HAC standard format *.hac
Operational Settings: Saved in *.bii file (Benthowave's Proprietary Binary File)
Power Supply Connector: Binding Post for Power Supply
Red Terminal
: active or positive; Black Terminal: inactive (reference or return) or negative.
Transducer Connector: Military Grade MIL-5015 Style
Socket Inserts: Transmit; Pin Inserts: Echo Receive
Mini USB Connector: Waterproof USB Mini "B" type (IP68) for USB Serial Communication with Computer (Standard "A" type)
Quiescent Consumption: 96mA
Size: LxWxD = 11"x10"x7" or 0.28mx0.26mx0.18m
Case: Portable, Waterproof, Light Weight, Durable, Highly Chemical Resistant
Interface to Computer: USB 2.0, Standard "A" type
Software Installer: USB Flash Drive
Computer: Laptop, Windows Operating System
Power Supply
Power Supply: +10 to +24 VDC, ≥ 6 A
Power Inverter is included (+12VDC to 115VAC, 60Hz, 240W)
Suggested DC Supply: Not included in shipment:
Marine Battery, Automobile Battery, Fixed DC Linear Power Supply
DO NOT use switching mode DC power supply.
The batteries shall be purchased at buyer's local stores instead of buying them from Benthowave because of the high international shipping cost.
Weight:   10kg roughly 
Carton Size:  LxWxH = 44x35x30cm roughly


scientific echosounderscientific echo sounder 

BII-8050 Transceiver Panel

Echo sounderEchosounderscientific echosounder

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