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Benthowave manufactures portable scientific echosounders for uses in hydrographic marine surveys, biomass assessment, fish tracking, precision bathymetry, obstacle avoidance...

BII-8050 Scientific Echosounder

Features Suggested Application
Echo ranging: Up to 1km
Real-time visualization, data storage and playback
Configure parameters in software
Windows application software
+10 to +48 VDC power supply
Low cost, easy to operate
Portable water-proof case
Water Depth, Bathymetry
Bottom Contour
Fish Finder and Fish Tracking
Biomass Assessment
Obstacle Avoidance
Target Strength Analysis
Shallow Water, River, Lake, Inshore and Coastal


Echosounder BII-8051 BII-8052 BII-8053 BII-8054 BII-8055 BII-8056 BII-8057 BII-8058 BII-8059
Center Frequency: 38kHz 50kHz 70kHz 120kHz 200kHz 300kHz 420kHz 600kHz 1MHz
Transducer: BII-7566/38 BII-7566/50 BII-7566/70 BII-7566/120 BII-7563/200 BII-7562/300 BII-7562/420 BII-7583 BII-7581
Echo Ranging: 1km 700m 500m 300m 200m 100m 50m 30m 15m
Pulse Duration (µS): 256, 512,
256, 512,
128, 256,
64, 128,
256, 512,
64, 128,
256, 512,
64, 128,
256, 512,
1024, 2048
32, 64,
128, 256,
16, 32,
64, 128,
16, 32,
64, 128,
Ping Rates (pps): 0.1 to 0.5 pings/second, Selectable in Software
Range: 0 to 1000 meters, User selectable in Software
Range Compensation: 1. Pr (Signal Power, NO Compensation); 2. Sv (20logR+2αR); 3. TS (40logR+2αR)
Transducer Cable: Default: 10m; Customize: Up to 20m
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 °C
System Performance
Operation Mode: Active
Dynamic Range: 150dB
Echogram View  
Displays/Views: Color Echogram: Pr (Signal Power), Sv (Volume Backscattering Strength), TS (Target Strength)
Bottom Detection
Replay Saved Data
Numerical Display: General Information
Scope View: Ping to Ping Echo Envelope Signal
Vertical Range: from transducer depth to 1000m deep, adjustable
Horizontal Timespan: Time
Zooming: Zooming in and out echogram on vertical range and horizontal timespan
Bottom Detection Setting: Adjustable in software
Raw Data Storage: HAC standard format *.hac
Operational Settings: Saved in *.bii file (Benthowave's Proprietary Binary File)
Mini USB Connector: Waterproof USB Mini "B" type (IP68) for USB Serial Communication with Computer (Standard "A" type)
DC Power Supply: Center Frequency<100kHz: +8 to +48 VDC; ≥ 10A.
Center Frequency>100kHz: +10.5 to +48 VDC; ≥ 6A.
Quiescent Consumption: 96mA
Power Supply Connector: Binding Post for Power Supply
Red Terminal
: active or positive; Black Terminal: inactive (reference or return) or negative.
Transducer Connector: Military Grade MIL-5015 Style
Socket Inserts: Transmit; Pin Inserts: Echo Receive
Size: LxWxD = 11"x10"x7" or 0.28mx0.26mx0.18m
Case: Portable, Waterproof, Light Weight, Durable, Highly Chemical Resistant
Suggested DC Supply: Not included in shipment:
Marine Battery, Automobile Battery, Fixed DC Linear Power Supply.
DO NOT use switching mode DC power supply.
Interface to Computer: USB 2.0, Standard "A" type
Software Installer: USB Flash Drive
Computer: Laptop, Windows Operating System
DC Power Supply: +12 VDC Battery, ≥ 10A. Power Inverter is included (+12VDC to 115VAC, 60Hz, 240W).
Suggested DC Supply: Not included in shipment:
Marine Battery, Automobile Battery, Fixed DC Linear Power Supply.
DO NOT use switching mode DC power supply.
Weight:   10kg roughly 
Carton Size:  LxWxH = 44x35x30cm roughly


scientific echosounder      scientific echo sounder

BII-8050 Transceiver Panel

Echo sounder

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