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Underwater Beacons: Pingers and Transponders

Underwater BeaconsPinger and TransponderPingers and TranspondersPingers and Transponders

BII-8060    Underwater Beacons: Pingers and Transponders

BII-8060s are 25 to 40kHz broadband acoustic transmitters for use in communication, beaconing (pingers and transponders), pilot sound source and artificial acoustic target. These components are ready for you to implement underwater communication and develop the unique and proprietary pingers and transponders.

Beacons Additional Devices, not included in BII-8060 series. Features
BII-8061 DC power supply, signal generator. flexible, reusable and reconfigurable pingers.
BII-8062 DC power supply. customized pingers, customized BII-4000 embedded inside.
BII-8065 DC power supply, signal generator, DAQ system. flexible, reusable and reconfigurable transponders.
BII-8066 DC power supply, DAQ system. customized transponders, customized BII-4000 embedded inside.

Installation Features
Thru-hole Mounting easy installation on underwater devices (Robots, AUVs, UUVs, Mooring, Towed Fish, Gliders, etc...)
Bolt Fastening Mounting  easy installation on supportive fixtures and makes the on-boat field use/setup easy, quick and simple.
Free-hanging dipped beaconing configuration and makes the on-boat field use/setup easy, quick and simple.

Underwater PingersUnderwater PingersUnderwater TranspondersUnderwater Transponders

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