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Embedded Transmitting and Receiving Component

BII-8070 series integrate a impedance matching network, a T/R switch and a programmable gain preamplifier into one compact housing with mounting slots. The impedance matching network is customized to match specific impedance between power amplifier and the transducer at operating frequency.

These embedded transmitting and receiving components are designed optimally for uses in artificial acoustic target, echo sounding, communication, navigation, object detection, distance measurement, fishery sounder, imaging Sonar, sub-bottom profiling, sea-floor mapping, etc...

Typical setup of a portable underwater acoustic system consist of a laptop computer (DSP board or microcontroller), a signal generator, a power amplifier, a BII-807x, a DAQ (Data Acquisition Module), a transducer and respective power supplies.

Transmitting and Receiving Component


T/R Component: BII-8071 BII-8072
Frequency Range: 5kHz to 400kHz (0 to 60dB)
5kHz to 1MHz (0 to 40dB)
5kHz to 2MHz (0 to 80dB)
Signal Type: Pulsed SINE, Chirp, PSK, FSK,
Pulse, Square Waveform, etc.
Pulsed SINE, Chirp, PSK, FSK,
Pulse, Square Waveform, etc.
Supply Voltage: 1. Default: +12 to +30VDC.
2. Customized: +18 to +60VDC, append HV to part number.
+9 to +60VDC
Supply Current: 10mA Active, 43 mA, Shut-Down: 11 mA
Impedance Matching: Built-in Built-in
Connector: No, Wire Leads No, Wire Leads
Maximum Current: 10Arms 10Arms
Maximum Voltage: 600Vrms 600Vrms
Bandpass Filtering: Built-in, 40dB/decade Built-in, 40dB/decade
Gain (dB): 0, 20, 40, 60 0 to 80dB, 40dB/V Scaling
Dynamic Range: 86 dB 86 dB
Output Type: Waveform, AC Coupled
Single Ended
Waveform, AC Coupled
Single Ended
Connector: BNC or Wire Leads BNC or Wire Leads
Gain Control/Selection    
Signal: TTL/CMOS Compatible (Digital Output)
Manual Setting
Analog, +0.4 to +2.4 Vdc
Shut-down: 0 Vdc
Wires: A1: Red Wire; A0: Black Wire;
Shield wire is Digital COMMON.
Control Signal: Red Wire; 
COMMON: Black Wire
Selection Manually: Connecting Red wire to the shield wire: A1 = 0 or Logic Low
Disconnecting Red wire from the shield wire: A1 = 1 or Logic High
Connecting Blue wire to the shield wire: A0 = 0 or Logic Low
Disconnecting Blue wire from the shield wire: A0 = 1 or Logic High
Shield wire is Digital COMMON.
Selection Digitally: a 2-bit digital word to the gain selection inputs.
Shield wire shall be connected to Digital COMMON.
Truth Table: A1  A0  Gain(dB)
0    0    0
0    1    20
1    0    40
1    1    60
Cable Length: Default: 0.15m. Customized length upon request.
Suggested DC Supply: Marine Battery, Automobile Battery, Fixed DC Linear Power Supply, Not Included
DO NOT use variable power supply whose maximum supply voltage is higher than the rated voltage.
DO NOT use switching mode DC power supply.
Size: See BII-8070 Layout and Wiring
Weight: N/A
How to order:
BII-807X -f -R -G -B
BII-8070 Series Frequency
in kHz
Power Amplifier Load
R in Ω
Transducer Conductance
G in mS
Transducer Susceptance
B in mS
BII-8070 Series BII Power Amplifier Part Number BII Transducer Part Number
Example of Part Number Description
BII-8071-120-8-14.925-10.0 BII-8071, 120kHz operating frequency, Power Amplifier Load: 8Ω; transducer admittance: Conductance G=14.925mS and Susceptance B= 10.0mS.
BII-8071/BII-5121/BII-7565 BII-8071, BII-5121 Power Amplifier, Driving BII-7565 transducer.

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