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Abbreviation List
DW: Deep Water SE: Single Ended Output/Unbalanced DF: Differential Output/Balanced
IM: Impedance Matching & Tuning TR: Transmit & Receive Switch TRIM:  TR Switch and IM
FH: Free Hanging FHUWC: Free-hanging with Underwater Connector FSM: Flush Mounting
THM: Thru-hole Mounting THSO: Thru-hole Mounting, Single O-ring THDO: Thru-hole Mounting, Double O-ring
BFM: Bolt Fastening Mounting BFMP: Bolt Fastening Mounting, Plastics BFMSS: Bolt Fastening Mounting, Stainless Steel
EFM: End-face Mounting EFMM: End-face Mounting for Array Cable Bundle EFMS: End-face Mounting for Single Channel
FGM: Flange Mounting FGMR: Flange Mounting at Rear of Transducer FGMF: Flange Mounting at Front of Transducer
THFHSS: Thru-hole+Free Hanging (SS) THFHP: Thru-hole+Free Hanging (Plastics)  
Coax: Coax (ΦD=2.8mm) SC36: Shielded cable (ΦD=3.6mm) SC65: Shielded cable (ΦD=6.0 to 6.5mm)
RG58: RG58 50Ω Coax (see Note) RG174: RG174/U 50Ω Coax SC: Shielded Cable
WR: Wires WCB: Wire/Cable Bundle HTSC: High Temperature Shielded Cable
HTWR: High Temperature Wires TS: Temperature Sensor (NTC thermistor)  
WL: Wire Leads BNC: BNC Male 50Ω TRS: TRS Plug
TRS35: 3.5mm TRS Plug TRS635: 6.35 mm TRS Plug XRL: XRL Plug
UMC: Underwater Mateable Connector 5015: MIL-5015 style BS: +9V Battery Snap
SP: Solder Pins    
Note: The following length is available for RG58 Coax with BNC male: 0.15m, 0.3m, 0.5m, 0.6m, 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m, 4m, 4.5m, 5m, 7m, 8m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m. Please choose cable length which is much less than the Electromagnetic wavelength λ≈c/f.  c: speed of light in Vacuum.
Warning: It is buyer's sole responsibility to make sure that the (female) BNC shield of the signal source is firmly grounded for operating safety before hooking up transducer to the signal source. Coax with BNC is not intended for hand-held use at voltages above 30Vac/60Vdc.
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SPH: Beam generated by piezo sphere. Generally, -3dB beamwidth at fr: 360°x250° in XY and ZX plane, frequency dependent.
HSPH: Beam generated by piezo hemisphere. Generally, -3dB beamwidth at fr: 360°x70° in XY and ZX plane, frequency dependent.
CLD: Beam generated by piezo cylinder. Generally, -3dB beamwidth at fr: 360°x(40°~80°) in XY and ZX plane, frequency dependent.
/xx: -3dB conical beamwidth in ZX and ZY plane.
/xxXxx: -3dB fan-shaped beamwidth, first two xx is in ZX (or Along-track) plane and last two xx is in ZY (or Cross-track) plane.