Benthowave Instrument Inc.

BENTHOWAVE INSTRUMENT INC. Acoustic Transducer & System 

Hydrophone (Acoustic Sensor) - Low Noise, Low Cost, Miniature & Deep Water

♦ Frequency 0.1 Hz to 1.6 MHz
♦ Receiving Voltage Sensitivity -230 to -110 dB V/µPa
♦ Noise Density Below Sea-state 0
♦ Dynamic Range 90 dB
♦ Beam Pattern Multibeam, Split-beam, Dual-Beam, Inteferometric, Conical, Toroidal, Fan-shape, Spherical, Hemispherical, ...
♦ Directivity 1° to Omnidirectional
♦ Depth up to 2000 m
♦ Transceiver Transmitting and Receiving; Low Power Underwater Projector
♦ Calibration Beam Pattern, Voltage Sensitivity, Transmit Voltage Response
♦ Installation Thru-hole Mounting, Bolt Fastening Mounting, End-face Mounting, Flush-Mounting, Flange Mounting ...
♦ Connector Underwater Mateable Connector, TRS, XRL, BNC, MIL-5015 Style or Wire Leads
♦ Encapsulant Custom to meet specific industry regulations
♦ Temperature Custom: -15°C to +120°C or 5 to 248°F
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Hydrophone Application/Features Frequency Range Beam Depth Image
Spherical Broadband 1Hz to 460kHz Omnidirectional 500 to 2000m Omnidirectional Hydrophone
Low Noise Broadband  Low noise and Broadband 1Hz to 400kHz Omnidirectional 300 to 950m Low Noise Broadband Hydrophone
Line Array Direction-finding
Tracking of Acoustic Sources
1Hz to 160kHz Donut Shape 300m Line Array Hydrophone
Hemispherical   Directional
Increasing SNR
1Hz to 500kHz Hemispherical 500 to 950m Directional Broadband Hydrophone
Split Beam   Target Angle Estimation 15kHz-1MHz Four Quadrants
100m Split Beam Transducer
Vector   Measurement:
Bearing/Particle Velocity
1Hz to 10kHz Cosine
Figure 8
300m Vector Hydrophone
Directional   Directional
Increasing SNR

1Hz to 500kHz

Conical 300 to 950m Directional Planar Hydrophone
Programmable Sensitivity   Digital Programmable
Four Sensitivities
1Hz to 460kHz Omnidirectional 300m Programmable Sensitivity Hydrophone
Vibration Insensitive   Low Acceleration Sensitivity 1Hz to 300kHz Omnidirectional 300m Vibration Insensitive Hydrophone
High Temperature   Service Temperature:
0.1Hz to 200kHz Omnidirectional 100m High Temperature Transducer
Surface Continuity
Low Acoustic Perturbation
1Hz to 500kHz Conical 300m Flush-Mounting Hydrophone
Low Noise  Noise level below Sea-state 0 10Hz to 100kHz Omnidirectional 500m Noise below Sea-state Zero
Array/Streamer Element Array Element 1Hz to 220kHz Omnidirectional 950m Low Cost Hydrophone Array Element
Marine Seismic Detector Acceleration Cancellation 1Hz to 20kHz Omnidirectional 100m Low Cost Seismic Hydrophone
Low Flow Noise Streamlined Body 0.1Hz to 140kHz Omnidirectional 300m Low Flow Noise Hydrophone
Miniature Probe Probe: ΦD3.0 to 4.6mm 1Hz to 1.6MHz Omnidirectional 50m Miniature Probe Hydrophone
Direction Finding Direction-finding
Target Angle Estimation
5 to 300kHz Fan-shaped Beam 300m Directional Hydrophone
Bandpass Bandpass Receiving Response
Minimum Reflected Energy
6kHz to 2MHz Conical
500m Bandpass Hydrophone
Discrete Line Array Spatial Filtering
Line, Plane, Cylinder, Sector Array
10 to 240kHz Fan-shaped Beam 100m Directional Hydrophone

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