Benthowave Instrument Inc.

BENTHOWAVE INSTRUMENT INC. Acoustic Transducer & System

Careers at BII

While working at BII, you are challenged daily to meet and exceed varied customers' requirements and solve the mathematical, physical, chemical, acoustical, mechanical and electronic equations with the textbooks and experiences, and rewarded for outstanding performances. Proud tradition at BII is to emphasize individuality, respect, growth, and creativity.

Are you looking for a career and not just a job? Are you looking for a company who values its staff as the most important factors of success? Do you want a workplace where you can learn, contribute, innovate and be rewarded? If these are the traits you expect from your first or next place to work at, then Benthowave Instrument Inc. can meet or exceed your expectations.

Your application is welcome with following knowledge and experiences:

  • Acoustics
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Material Engineering
  • Mechanical Manufacturing
  • Signal Processing
  • Communication

No position available now.