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About Us

Benthowave Instrument Inc., incorporated under Canada Business Corporation Act, is known for its acoustic products and services in the field of underwater acoustics (SONAR), HIFU and NDT. BII's products are widely used in scientific research and offshore engineering.

As a manufacturer and supplier, Benthowave focuses on agile design-manufacturing-testing to provide flexible and customized solutions for our customers' specific demands, which range from electroacoustic transducers to underwater/NDT/HIFU acoustic system, from 0.1 Hz to 10 MHz.

Benthowave specializes in the design of acoustic transducers, signal processing modules and acoustic systems relating to underwater sound listening, navigation, location, echo-ranging, communication, NDT and HIFU system. We also manufacture customized array elements for use in the linear, planar & conformal transmitting and receiving array.

With specialized equipment relating to operating ocean depth, transducers manufacturing, acoustic calibration and environmental tests, Benthowave can deliver the proven acoustic products around the world.

Benthowave's customers benefit from streamlined and responsive product support as the entire manufacturing process is under one roof. Using Benthowave COTS acoustic components, you can simplify development, increase productivity, and dramatically reduce time to market. From marine mammal calls to breakthrough deep-sea defense devices, from laboratory research to offshore field use, from high intensity ultrasound to low Q broadband technologies, BII continuously develop innovative acoustic technologies and components that fit your projects better.

With Benthowave's acoustic components and instruments, you can work out following equations much easier:
    C = B*log(1+SNR)/log2;  C: Channel Capacity; B: Channel Bandwidth; SNR: Signal-to-Noise Ratio
    g(u)=∑(i(n)*exp(jkndu)); i(n)-Element n, k-wave number, d-interelement distance, u=sinθ
    g(u)=f(u)*e(u); u = m*λ/d
    g(u)-Radiation/Receiving Pattern of the Array; f(u)-Array Pattern or Array Factor; e(u)-Element Pattern or Element Factor

Our products are well engineered and completely tested with standard measuring devices traceable to NIST.
Quality product and service is the goal of BII. With company's quality policy, we deliver products and services that meet or exceed customer's requirements and expectations.

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News and Events

  • BII upgrades multibeam transducers on Oct. 16, 2015.
  • BII's part numbers of spherical and hemispherical transducers are reorganized on Sep. 24, 2015.
  • BII's part numbers are reorganized in August, 2014.
  • Benthowave moves to a new location with production expansion in 2013.
  • Benthowave develops a series of composite acoustic martials for impedance matching to sea water (June, 2011).
  • Benthowave Instrument launches new website (December, 2010).