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BENTHOWAVE INSTRUMENT INC. Acoustic Transducer & System

Acoustic Transducers and Systems: SONAR, NDT & HIFU

Omnidirectional HydrophoneLow Noise Broadband HydrophoneHydrophoneHydrophoneFlush-Mounting HydrophoneLow Flow Noise Hydrophoneminiature hydrophoneHigh Power Transducer

Omnidirectional TransducerLow Frequency TransducerSteered ArrayHigh Intensity Focused UltrasoundMultibeam TransducerUnderwater Acoustic TransmitterUnderwater Acoustic Transmitter and ReceiverUnderwater Sound Recording and PlaybackEcho Sounder

Functions Acoustic Components Features
Receiving Sounds
» Hydrophone & Acoustic Sensor
» Transducer
» Preamplifier, Variable Gain Amplifier & Filter
» Bandpass Filter
» Array Amplitude Shading
» Transmit & Receive Switching
» Envelope Detection of Sonar Signals
» Complex Demodulation of SONAR Signal
» AGC Amplifier
» Installation/Mounting
1 Hz to 10 MHz
Up to 2000 Meter Deep
Scalar and Vector Hydrophone
Omnidirectional & Directional
Low Flow & Electronic Noise
Easy Installation
Transmitting Sounds
Fishery Sonar
Acoustic Deterrents
» Transducer
» Impedance Matching and Tuning
» Power Amplifier
Transmit & Receive Switch
» Embedded Transmit & Receive Component
» Array Amplitude Shading
» Sonar Signal Generator
» Installation/Mounting
600 Hz to 10 MHz
Up to 2000 Meter Deep
Omnidirectional, Directional
Sidelobe Suppression, Broadband
Easy Installation
Seafloor Mapping
Underwater Imaging
» High Power Piston Transducer
» Echosounder Transducer
» High Frequency Transducer
» Side Scan Transducer
» Phased Array
» Multibeam Transducer
» Panoramic Transducer
» Scientific Echo Sounder
3.5kHz to 3MHz
>1000W Power
Dual Frequency
Subbottom Profiling
Marine Seismic Exploration
» High Power Piston Transducer
» Parametric Array Transducer
» Streamer Element
» Marine Seismic Detector
» Streamer Preamplifier
1 to 20kHz, >1000W Power
Deep Penetration: >50meters
Monitoring Seismic Sources
Towed Array/Streamer
Speed Measurement » Doppler Transducer 38kHz to 1.2MHz, Broadband
Underwater Calibration » Measurement Transducer Uniform Near-field, Reciprocity Calibration
Particle Velocity Measurement » Miniature Probe Hydrophone
» Vector Hydrophone
Miniature size
Study of Sound Waves in Liquids
Sonic Processing & Testing » HIFU Transducer
» Acoustic Sensor
» Broadband Ultrasound Transducer
» Ultrasonic Pulser-Receiver
» Miniature Probe Hydrophone
High Sensitivity for NDT and AE Detection
Low Qm: 2 to 3 for NDT and AE Detection
High Intensity:5000W/cm^2 for HIFU
High Temperature Liquid » High Temperature Ultrasound Transducer
» High Temperature Transducer
Service Temperature: -15 to +120°C or 5 to 248°F
Array & Aperture Design
Spatial Filtering
» Linear, Planar & Conformal Array
» Line Array Hydrophone
» Array Amplitude Shading
» Underwater Acoustic Receiver
Element Aperture: Point/Line/Rectangle/Hemisphere
Easy Installation of Array Pattern
Small Size: ≤ λ/2 or ≤ λ
Target Angle Estimation
Measurement of Bearing
Bearing Deviation Indication
» Split Beam Transducer
» Multibeam Transducer
» Phased Array
» Directional Hydrophone (Conical Beam)
» Directional Hydrophone (Fan Beam)
» Wide Beam Transducer
» Vector Hydrophone
» Line Array Hydrophone
Multibeam Imaging, Split Beam, Fan-shaped Beam, Conical Beam, Single Beam without Side Lobes
Beam Steering/Shifting, Phase Extraction, Amplitude Comparison, Searchlight Pattern
Acoustic System
Artificial Acoustic Target
Sonar System
Target Angle Estimation
» Scientific Echo Sounder
» Pinger and Transponder

» Recording, Analysis, Synthesis & Playback
» Ultrasonic Pulser-Receiver
» Underwater Acoustic Receiver
» Underwater Acoustic Transmitter
» Underwater Acoustic Transceiver
» Accessories and Services
+12/+24/+36/48VDC Power Supply
Long Battery Life
Portable for Field Use
Waterproof/Durable/Chemical-Resistant Case

Hydrophone, Underwater Transducer and Acoustic System