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BENTHOWAVE INSTRUMENT INC. Acoustic Transducer & System 

Acoustic Transducers: SONAR, NDT, HIFU ...

General Features  
♦ Acoustic Sources: Nonlinear Parametric, Spherical, Line Array, Plane and Curved Sources, HIFU, Streamlined Sonar Dome, ...
♦ Beam Pattern: Multibeam, Split-beam, Dual-Beam, Inteferometric, Conical, Toroidal, Fan-shape, Spherical, Hemispherical, ...
♦ Beam Angle (-3dB): 1° to Omnidirectional
♦ Bandwidth: Broadband Low Q Design, and Acoustical Impedance Matching
♦ Installation/Mounting: Thru-hole/Hull Mounting, Bolt Fastening Mounting, End-face Mounting, Flush-Mounting, Flange Mounting ...
♦ Connector: Underwater Mateable Connector, BNC, MIL-5015 Style or Wire Leads
♦ Frequency: 100 Hz to 10 MHz
♦ Transmit Voltage Response: up to 185 dB µPa/V@1m
♦ Depth:up to 2000 m
♦ Acoustic Transceiver:Transmitting and Receiving
♦ Calibration: Beam Pattern; Transmitting Voltage Response; Receiving Voltage Sensitivity
♦ Duty Cycle: 1% at Maximum Power or Maximum Driving Voltage
Temperature Sensor: Built-in NTC Thermistor is Available upon Request for Temperature Monitoring
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Transducer Application/Features Frequency Range Beam Image
Piston Transducer Sub-bottom Profiling
Underwater Communication
Acoustic Deterrent
Navigation/Obstacle Avoidance
Array Element
1 to 100kHz Conical High Power Broadband Piston Transducer
Communication Pinger/Locator/Transponder
Beacon/Acoustic Release
Remote Control/Telemetry
Diver Communication
Underwater Telephone
Bioacoustics/Marine Animal
5-250kHz Omnidirectional
Communication Transducer
Spherical Underwater Telephone
Artificial Acoustic Target
Pinger, Locator, Transponder
Underwater Beaconing
Acoustic Positioning
Acoustic Deterrent
10kHz-1MHz Omnidirectional Omnidirectional Transducer
Low Frequency Ocean Noise Simulation
Artificial Acoustic Target
Bioacoustics/Marine Animal
Diver Recall System
Voice Communication
100Hz-15kHz Omnidirectional Low Frequency Underwater Transducer
Parametric Array Sub-bottom Survey
Sediment Profiling
Detecting Buried Objects
Search Pipeline
Cable Survey
2-20kHz Conical Parametric Transducer
Split Beam Target Angle Estimation
Direction-finding Sonar
Underwater Positioning
Tracking Moving Target
Fishery Acoustics
30 to 420kHz Conical Split Beam Transducer
Echo Sounding Chirp/FM Sonar
Obstacle Avoidance
Fishery and Plankton Sonar
Navigation, Inspection and Survey
Bathymetric Sounder
Distance Gage/Altimeter
22 to 420kHz Conical Echosounder Transducer
Side Scan Underwater Imaging
Mine Hunting
Underwater Floor Mapping
Target Location Underwater
100-600kHz Fan-shaped Side Scan Transducer
High Frequency Velocimeter/Velocity Probe/Profiler
Plankton Sonar
Object Detection/Tracking
Obstacle Avoidance
Precision Distance Gage/Altimeter
Ultrasonic Instrumentation
0.5-3MHz Conical High Frequency Underwater Transducer
Low Frequency
Deep Water Submergence
Artificial Acoustic Target
Broadband Sound Source
Voice Communication
Underwater Telephone
Bioacoustics/Marine Animal
1-40kHz Toroidal Low Frequency Broadband Transducer
Array Element
(No Side Lobe)
Line, Plane and Curved array
24-100kHz Conical
No Side Lobe
Transducer Array Element
Doppler Speed Measurement
Ship Speed/Ocean Current/Flow
Acoustic Doppler Profiler
Detection of Moving Object
38kHz-1.2MHz Conical Speed Measurement
Directional Multimode Communication/Telephone
Artificial Acoustic Target
Underwater Positioning
Pinger and Locator
10 to 40kHz Cardioid
Cardioid Beam Sonar Transducer
Phased Array Phased Array SONAR
2D Imaging Sonar
Forward-looking Sonar
Object/Target Detection
Obstacle Avoidance
Target Tracking
120-450kHz Fan-Shaped Steered Array
Transceiver Artificial Acoustic Target
Communication and Modem
Acoustic Release
Underwater Telephone
Long Range Sound Transmission
8 to 40kHz Cylindrical
Underwater Acoustic Transceiver
HIFU Sonics
Focused Ultrasound Energy Sources
Anti-algae & Anti-bacteria
Nonlinear Acoustics
0.1 to 2MHz Focused Conical HIFU Transducer
Multibeam 2D Imaging Sonar
Echo Ranging/Forward-looking
Object/Target Detection/Tracking
Underwater Floor Mapping
38 to 450kHz Fan-Shaped Multibeam Transducer
Beaconing Long Range Sounding
Acoustic Release
Navigation/Obstacle Avoidance
Acoustic Positioning/Communication
24 to 45kHz Conical
Wide Beam Wide Directivity/Beam
Insonify wide area
Horizontal: 60° to 120° Aperture
Vertical: 3° to 15° Aperture
120 to 450kHz Fan-shaped Wide Directivity/Beam
Broadband Ultrasound  Clean Impulse Response
Sound Velocity Probe/Velocimeter
Precision Distance/Tickness Gage
Altimeter/Liquid Level Detector
NDT/Flaw Detection
Liquids up to 120°C or 248°F
100kHz to 10MHz Conical Ultrasonic Transducer: Flaw Detectors
Hemispherical Array Element
Artificial Acoustic Target
Acoustic Positioning
10kHz-1MHz Hemispherical Omnidirectional Transducer
Panoramic  360° Horizontal View Field
2D Imaging Sonar
Fishery Sonar
Object/Target Detection/Tracking
Obstacle Avoidance
Sector Scanning
120 to 240kHz Cylindrical Panoramic Transducer 


Surface Continuity
Low Hydrodynamic
Low Flow Noise
20kHz to 2MHz
Conical Flush-Mounting Transducer
Transducer and Array Customized
Low Q
10 to 200kHz Conical
High Power Broadband Transducer
Amplitude Shading Side-lobe Suppression
Tuning Main Lobe Sharpness
10 to 200kHz Conical Amplitude Shading Transducer
High Temperature High Temperature Liquid: 120°C or 248°F
Sonic Processing/Testing/Analysis
Acoustics in Chemical Process
Sound Testing in Pipes/Tanks/Vessels
0.1 Hz to 200 kHz Omnidirectional High temperature Transducer
Measurement Transducder Near-field Calibration
Reciprocity Calibration
> 15kHz
Uniform Near-field
Conical in Far-field
Measurement Transducder

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