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Transmitting and Receiving Switching

If a transducer transmits sound and receives the echo or sounds from other sources, a transmit and receive switch (T/R Switch) is a must-have component in an acoustic system. BII-2100 series integrates a T/R switch, a bandpass filter and a programmable gain preamplifier into one compact housing. BII-8070 series integrates a impedance matching network, a T/R switch, a bandpass filter and a programmable gain preamplifier into one compact housing with mounting slots.

Two types of gain-selection signals are available from BII: Digital Signals (TTL/CMOS level compatible) and Analog Voltage Signals. The digital gain-selection signal is easy to be wired to digital outputs of the DAQ of a computer or microcontroller, and the gain can also be set up manually with connecting/disconnecting gain selection wires. The analog voltage gain-control signal (analog DC or AC voltage) is easy to be wired to DAC outputs of a computer or microcontroller and the gain varies continuously in dB.

Two output types are available: received sound signal and envelope of received sound signal. Generally, envelope of the signal is of low frequency (≤20kHz), Low cost low speed A/D converter (or DAQ Module) can be used to sample the envelope.

These TR switching components have very low noise level and provide 90dB to 96dB input dynamic range, which is suitable to detect large signals from short distance and the highly attenuated signals from long distance. Working with 12 bit or 16 bit A/D converter and TVG (Time Variable Gain) law in software, BII-2100 series can compensate underwater propagation loss of much greater than 90dB.

TR Switching with Fixed Receiving Gain Click TR Switch with Fixed Receiving Gain for specs.
TR Switching with Digital Gain Selection Click TR Switch with Digital Gain Selection for specs.
TR Switching with Analog Gain Control Click TR Switch with Analog Gain Control for specs.
Impedance Matching & TR Switching Click BII-8070 for specs, which have built-in impedance matching components.

Transmitting and Receiving SwitchingTransmit & Receive Component

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