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BENTHOWAVE INSTRUMENT INC. Acoustic Transducer & System 

Acoustic Transducers & Instrumentation: SONAR, NDT & HIFU

Hydrophone, Sonar Transducer and Acoustic Instrument

 Acoustic Transducers: SONAR, NDT & HIFU
ψ Communication, Navigation, Fishery, Oceanography, Seafloor-mapping, Sub-bottom Profiling, Marine Animals ψ

Omnidirectional HydrophoneLow Noise HydrophoneFlush-Mounting Hydrophoneminiature hydrophoneSonar TransducerOmnidirectional TransducerLow Frequency TransducerPhased Array TransducerMultibeam Transducer

» Hydrophone & Acoustic Sensor: Low Noise, Low Cost, Miniature, Deep Water
» BII-7000 Omnidirectional Hydrophone (460kHz, 2000m Depth) » BII-7010 Low Noise Broadband Hydrophone (400kHz)
» BII-7020 Line Array Hydrophone: 1Hz to 160kHz » BII-7040 Broadband Hemispherical Hydrophone (500kHz)
» BII-7550 Split Beam Transducer: Target Angle Estimation » BII-7060 Vector Hydrophone: Measurement of Bearing
» BII-7070 Directional Hydrophone & Acoustic Sensor (500kHz) » BII-7080 Programmable Sensitivity Hydrophone (460kHz)
» BII-7090 Vibration Insensitive Hydrophone » BII-7100 High Temperature Transducer (120°C/248°F)
» BII-7110 Flush-Mounting Hydrophone » BII-7120 Ultra-Low Noise Hydrophone: Below Sea-state Zero
» BII-7140 Hydrophone Array/Streamer Element (100m Cable) » BII-7150 Marine Seismic Detector (100 to 1000m Cable)
» BII-7160 Low Flow Noise Hydrophone » BII-7180 Miniature Probe Hydrophone (1.6MHz)
» BII-7190 Directional Hydrophone (Direction-finding) » BII-7200 Bandpass Hydrophone: Minimum Reflected Energy
» BII-7210 Discrete Line Array: Spatial Filtering    

» Transducer:  Broadband, High Power, Transmitting & Receiving
» BII-7500 High Power Piston Transducer: 1-100kHz » BII-7510 Communication Transducer: 5-250kHz
» BII-7520 Omnidirectional Transducer » BII-7530 Low Frequency Transducer: 100Hz-15kHz
» BII-7540 Parametric Array Transducer: Sediment Profiling » BII-7550 Split Beam Transducer: Target Angle Estimation
» BII-7560 Echo Sounding Transducer » BII-7570 Side Scan Transducer: Underwater Imaging
» BII-7580 High Frequency Transducer: 0.5-3MHz » BII-7590 Broadband Transducer: 1-40kHz, Deep Water
» BII-7600 Transducer Array Element: 24 to 100kHz, No Side Lobe » BII-7610 Doppler Transducer: Speed Measurement
» BII-7620 Broadband Directional Multimode Transducer » BII-7630 Phased Array: 2D Imaging Sonar
» BII-7640 Transceiver/Artificial Acoustic Target » BII-7650   High Intensity (HIFU) Transducer: 5000W/cm^2
» BII-7660 Multibeam Transducer: 2D Imaging Sonar » BII-7670 Beaconing Transducer: 24 to 45kHz, 90° Beam
» BII-7680 Wide Fan-shaped Beam Transducer » BII-7690 Broadband Ultrasound: Clean Impulse Response
» BII-7700 Hemispherical Transducer » BII-7710 Panoramic Transducer: 2D Panorama Underwater
» BII-7720 Flush-Mounting Transducer » BII-7730 Broadband Transducer/Array:10 to 200kHz
» BII-7740 Amplitude Shading Transducer » BII-7100 High Temperature Transducer (120°C/248°F)
» BII-7750 Measurement Transducer (Near-field Calibration) » BII-7760 Wide Conical Beam Transducer:0.1 to 2MHz

 Acoustic Instrumentation: SONAR, NDT & HIFU
ψ Array Processing, Communication, Navigation, Fishery, Oceanography, Seafloor-mapping, Sub-bottom Profiling, Marine Animals ψ

Power AmplifierImpedance Matching and TuningTransmitting and Receiving SwitchTransmit & Receive ComponentPingers and Transpondersscientific echo soundersUnderwater Acoustic TransmitterTransmitting and Receiving SystemRecording, Analysis and Playback

» BII-4000 Active Sonar Signals » BII-1000 Preamplifier, Variable Gain Amplifier & Filter
» BII-5000  Power Amplifier: Sonar, HIFU and Headphone » BII-2000  AGC Amplifier (Automatic Gain Control)
» BII-6000  Impedance Matching and Tuning » BII-2020  Signal Filter - Improve SNR
» BII-8000 Recording, Analysis, Synthesis and Playback » BII-2030  Envelope Detection of SONAR Signals
» BII-8010  Ultrasound Pulser & Receiver » BII-2040  Complex Demodulation of SONAR Signal
» BII-8030  Underwater Acoustic Transmitter » BII-2080 Array Amplitude Shading: -40dB Side Lobes
» BII-8040  Underwater Acoustic Receiver » BII-2100 Transmitting & Receiving Switching: 90dB Dynamic Range
» BII-8050  Scientific Echo Sounders » BII-8070 Transmit & Receive Component
» BII-8060 Underwater Beaconing: Pinger & Transponder » BII-8080 Underwater Acoustic Transmitter and Receiver